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Witness the birth of the galaxy, navigate through Saturn’s rings and take a trip on the Mars rover. Join us for this visually-rich multimedia exploration through the universe as Ford describes how the evolution of computer graphic techniques has allowed us to experience spectacular celestial settings with data-driven accuracy. 

As Business Director at Pixar Animation Studios, Ford has managed some of the most advanced computer graphic software that have appeared in such Hollywood blockbusters like _Finding Nemo _and _Star Wars _episodes I-III.

About the Ticket Supplier: Commonwealth Club

The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forum, presenting over 400 annual events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the economy.

Founded in 1903, the Commonwealth Club has played host to a diverse and distinctive array of speakers, from Teddy Roosevelt in 1911 to Erin Brockovich in 2001. Along the way, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates have all given landmark speeches at the Club.