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Review from TallChick
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If you like the Evil Dead movies, you'll like the show. Most of the songs are pretty catchy and this show is very self-aware, which makes it fun. It features a large screen in the background instead of the traditional set, which is used well.


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Review from AP
12 events 3 reviews

Fun show! Felt a bit disjointed at times. Also the music was too loud to hear the words of the songs!

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Eric Guerin
Review from Eric Guerin
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Great value for the price, glad I sat where i did some people in the Splash Zone get drenched!

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Linda Diep
Review from Linda Diep
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Very campy. All actors were great! They don't really have a set... 90% of the "set" are screens (wall and floor). Since the set is made up of mainly graphics displayed, I thought that the quality of the graphics needs to be massively improved.

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Donna Hicks
Review from Donna Hicks
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Excellent, very funny.

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Nic Graham
Review from Nic Graham
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A fun campy experience that was well produced and if anything the puddles of blood was worth the price of admission

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Nathaniel Shaffer
Review from Nathaniel Shaffer
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I enjoyed it.. and I'm not the go to a musical type person.. I liked the blood spray.. but I woulda gave 5 stars if it was just blood spray, they used absolutely to much water..

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Rachel Hilton
Review from Rachel Hilton
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I’m a sucker for off-beat musicals (i.e. Young Frankenstein, Urinetown, etc.) and this was quite possibly my favorite night in entertainment history. It’s crass, the graphics are great, and the actors are brilliant...and the BLOOD, oh the blood—it...continued

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Review from deirdrebeth
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So. Much. Fun
Storyline of Evil Dead
Campiness of Army of Darkness

"What the Fuck Was That" was probably my favorite song, and the pun demon wouldn't stop!

There is no escaping the blood in the splash zone, but you're safe in row 4 as long as...continued

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