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Play with the Pfisters
Review from Play with the Pfisters
Red Velvet 48 events 25 reviews

Awesome, good as the version I saw in Chicago 9 years ago. So glad this went on Goldstar. I was waiting to see if it would. Nice touch of elegant trailer restrooms outside the back door, really needed with a packed house. Thanks for the great...continued

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Michael Lee
Review from Michael Lee
Red Velvet 35 events 16 reviews

I enjoyed the show. I had a great seat. Comfortable theater. I can see why the show has been a huge hit over the years. i liked it better than expected. Research the parking options before you go and allow plenty of time to park and walk to...continued

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Jdac B
Review from Jdac B
Red Velvet 39 events 2 reviews

Wicked is one of my all time favorite shows and this cast didn't disappoint. When I've watched the show previously I sat in the orchestra section. This time we decided to sit front row center on the balcony which offered a whole new perspective...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
Red Velvet 2 events 1 review

Show was amazing. Was not happy with my seats. Payed for section 1 and sat in absolute back of the balcony

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Sharon Markowitz
Review from Sharon Markowitz
29 events 16 reviews

I was expecting a quality touring production, alas, all of the singers were sub-par, with nasal like or simply poor voices. The seats were great....hence the 2 stars..its likely hard to get a bad seat as its a modern performing arts center so...continued

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Molly Murphy
Review from Molly Murphy
41 events 16 reviews

Loved going to the mat show, since I didn't have to deal with any traffic or parking issues. Then, the staff was extremely helpful and quick to help everyone navigate to their seats. The venue is gorgeous, outside & inside. But the production:...continued

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Caroline Judson Kennedy
Review from Caroline Judson Kennedy
29 events 10 reviews

This is a great show and it was a terrific deal!

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Review from cz
35 events 10 reviews

Tickets were not the least expensive, and the options were supposed to be Orch or Balc. We wound up with Row 11 in the balcony. Not a good purchase from Goldstar. Shortly after I bought the Goldstar tickets, I got a better offer from the box...continued

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Review from Frances
10 events 9 reviews

This show was magnificent! Loved the story, the characters were phenomenal. Take everyone you know!

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Lawrence Wong
Review from Lawrence Wong
20 events 8 reviews

Performers were wonderful, leads had great voices. Sound system was good so you hear voices clearly and not overly amplified. Sets were good and effective.

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Candy R.
Review from Candy R.
26 events 7 reviews

I loved the show (I've seen it before in SF but loved it all over again this time). The seats however were a pain to get to. If you attend this venue for the first time, note that there is NO BREAK in any rows. If your seat number is not...continued

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Ira Chayut
Review from Ira Chayut
9 events 7 reviews

My first problem was the seating. Having paid for the most expensive seats, I was surprised that the "orchestra" and "balcony" seats are both considered at the same level. The balcony was definitely not equivalent to being close to the...continued

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Amber Green
Review from Amber Green
8 events 7 reviews

Wicked was great. I have to say the performance in San Francisco in 2013 was way better in my opinion. For this performance we brought our two sons 9 and 12 and they absolutely loved it.

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Laurie W
Review from Laurie W
15 events 6 reviews

Love this show. They did a good job with a very ambitious production. Especially if you've never seen WICKED, go see it.

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Review from rufinamoreno
22 events 5 reviews

Such a fun show! Lively, memorable music, fun crowd. If you've never been to the Center for Performing Arts, it's a great location in downtown San Jose close to many restaurants. Goldstar never disappoints!

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Cynthia Cook
Review from Cynthia Cook
46 events 5 reviews

The Galinda was excellent - she was a Broadway Galinda according to her bio and did remind me a little of Kristen C (I think this was a coloratura as well). The Elphaba was excellent too, and their voices blended well. For folks who HAVEN'T seen...continued

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Eija-Kaarina Rissanen Wells
Review from Eija-Kaarina Rissanen Wells
24 events 4 reviews

I had seen the musical before but hubby had not. We had to complain to an usher during intermission because a 10 yr old in front of us kept leaning on the railing & parents did nothing! Not enough ladies rooms in venue!
Performance was excellent!

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Review from Rocio
14 events 4 reviews

It w3as an absolute delight! So much fun and great music the venue was perfect no bad seat in the house.

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Debbi Wardstrom
Review from Debbi Wardstrom
21 events 4 reviews

My first time seeing this charming play full of humor and laughs. My seat was awesome! 13 rows back and just off of center. I had an amazing experience and would recommend Goldstar to ANYONE! A most wonderful time seeing Wicked! You ROCK...continued

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Olivia Kerkula
Review from Olivia Kerkula
7 events 3 reviews

A birthday gift for my teenage daughter. She and I really enjoyed the show. It was a really unexpected and creative twist on the classic tale. Great singing, costumes and stage setting.

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