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Carol Bednar
Review from Carol Bednar
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Thoroughly enjoyable tour of a charming city. Our guide was knowledgeable and gracious. All of the food was delicious. We will definitely go back to several of these great restaurants! The other participants on the tour added to the fun as...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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We enjoyed the tour and it gave us a good broad view of the history of San Juan Capistrano.
Fun afternoon and the guide was very informative and food was good.
I will go back to a few of the restaurants that I haven't visited before.

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Michelle Young
Review from Michelle Young
9 events 2 reviews

We had a wonderful experience! Very knowledgable quide. The tasting was a wonder experience. We'll be doing it again!

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Marybeth Hillier
Review from Marybeth Hillier
21 events 2 reviews

We moved to San Juan several years ago, and this was a perfect opportunity to learn some old town history, and sample the cuisine of local restaurants. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly, the pace was just right, and the samples were...continued

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Review from jbf
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we waited a half hour and left.
tour guide never arrived

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When one thinks of San Juan Capistrano it is naturally of the Mission. Yet, there is so much history hidden in the folks that supported that mission. This history was brought to light by our taste guide, Devyn, who’s knowledgeable history of...continued

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Review from Raiderdan1215
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Best tour. Our guide was funny personable and the group we were with great. Highly recommend this tour.

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Review from Kris
9 events 1 review

Excellent tour. Our guide was terrific, she made it interesting and fun.
Very good samples at the various restaurants.
I would highly recommend this event.

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Kerri hall gillen
Review from Kerri hall gillen
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Flavors of San Juan was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Devon, our guide, was extremely pleasant with a wealth of knowledge regarding the history of SJC. A must do and see!!!
Thank you Devon!
Kerri Gillen

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Teresa Rowlee
Review from Teresa Rowlee
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Flavors of San Juan Capistrano was a perfect blend of history lesson and food experience. Laura's knowledge of San Juan Capistrano's history and roots was a perfect seque into her knowledge of the local restaurants. The tastings were perfect and...continued

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Tina Vuong
Review from Tina Vuong
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I don't have much to say disbelief and disappointment!. After waiting for over an hour, we realized that the tour guide was probably NOT going to show up! We wandered the grounds for awhile and were finally able to contact someone...continued

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I was disappointed.
I thought we would be sampling food from nicer restaurants.
Not potato chips and nacho cheese.
After visiting 6 "restaurants" (one was a coffee house, one was an ice cream shop, one was a order-at-the-counter place) I was...continued

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Review from Vanessa
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It started off great! We found easy parking for free by the station (not the parking garage structure). Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. The coffee house was a neat experience & good coffee. Some of the food in some of the...continued

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Review from Charlene1965
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It was a fun way to spend an afternoon. We learned a little bit about local history, (I wish it could have been a bit more) The tastings at the three restaurants were fine. Bruschetta at the Vintage, Taco and Salad at another restaurant, and...continued

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Review from Kathy
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It was a great fun experience I will do it again for sure!

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Janette Sabrosa
Review from Janette Sabrosa
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It was pretty good. They should probably limit the group size, too many people meant too much waiting time. And the 30 minutes of shopping time was un necessary.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Jim was great! Even with the heat, it was a wonderful day. :)

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Review from rmond
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Laura, the tour guide was absolutely fabulous. She was knowledgeable, friendly and she made the experience extremely fun and enjoyable. The tastes provided were just enough and were delicious. The staff at the restuarants we visited with nice and...continued

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Elissa Sedighravesh
Review from Elissa Sedighravesh
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Love it!! Laura is awesome! Lots of history, great food, definitely worth the money!! Great!

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Mary Gillett Borger
Review from Mary Gillett Borger
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My friends and I enjoyed this very much. The whole tour group was a real pleasure to be with and Devon, our guide, a delight.

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