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Keith Fulton
Review from Keith Fulton
Red Velvet 84 events 56 reviews

The Attic is a great theater but a bit hard to find. Harvey is excellent. Great play with an excellent cast. Lots of parking once you find it. Equally important...the brownies are a must-have if you like chocolate.

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Review from Patty
Red Velvet 162 events 37 reviews

So entertaining. Casting perfect.

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Review from Sandi
44 events 28 reviews

I was concerned - I didn't know if anyone could step into classic nostalgic story in which Jimmy Stewart stared. However, this cast did a wonderful job with this performance.
Special hats-off to Dee Shandera as Veta Louise Simmons & Mark...continued

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Fran Chrisman Tracy
Review from Fran Chrisman Tracy
107 events 27 reviews

We all loved Harvey! Great acting and of course the story is classic. Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.

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Kenna Morton
Review from Kenna Morton
45 events 23 reviews

Excellent play and casting. We stayed for the discussion with the cast members and really enjoyed that exchange. Highly recommend.

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Terralee Pettinger
Review from Terralee Pettinger
37 events 13 reviews

Fantastic production. So funny and actors terrific. Main character was channeling Jimmy Stewart and sister was wonderful.

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Lynda Bautista
Review from Lynda Bautista
35 events 10 reviews

It was great acting by the cast. I thought wish at the end. A person dressed as a rabbit would of walked out on stage and bowed.

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Marti Reis
Review from Marti Reis
55 events 8 reviews


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Marie Welbourne
Review from Marie Welbourne
97 events 6 reviews

Excellent play 11 of us all agreed it was a 10!!!

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Janet Trom
Review from Janet Trom
28 events 6 reviews

The actors in this play were amazing and & so talented.
My husband & I enjoyed a fun evening full of fun and laughs!
Thank you to all at the attic theater that worked so hard to provide great talented entertainment.

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Madeline Shapiro
Review from Madeline Shapiro
16 events 3 reviews

Each character was well acted. I laughed like I had never seen the play before.

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Ofra Beattie
Review from Ofra Beattie
23 events 3 reviews

Excellent play with fantastic actors. Hilarious and so enjoyable.

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