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Mark Farber
Review from Mark Farber
Red Velvet 304 events 131 reviews

great show, great food, great service....an extremely enjoyable evening

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Paula Mitchell
Review from Paula Mitchell
Red Velvet 287 events 122 reviews

What a FUN show, from the Mistress of Ceremony to the entertainment, music and tasty food, my friends and I had a great time and can't wait to return for more !!!!

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Holly Wolfe
Review from Holly Wolfe
Red Velvet 176 events 114 reviews

Had a great high table in back. It was the hubby's birthday weekend and he had lots of fun with the stars! The cast was tremendous and the food very good!

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Rachael Andrews
Review from Rachael Andrews
Red Velvet 229 events 53 reviews

The show was amazing, the food was delicious, and we all had a great time! It is a must-see.

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Roberta Jones
Review from Roberta Jones
Red Velvet 70 events 33 reviews

This is a must see show. The entertainer's are spectacular . I don't have enough adgestives to express how much my daughter and I enjoyed this how. As soon as you walked in you were greeted by the nicest host. The dinner and drinks great. Our...continued

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Review from FH
Red Velvet 86 events 22 reviews

SUCH a fun evening!! The performers are terrific and the show itself is a hoot and a half! Only thing I would recommend is to NOT get the chicken - very dry. But overall - a really fun night out!!

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Ralph Valencia, Jr.
Review from Ralph Valencia, Jr.
Red Velvet 209 events 9 reviews

False advertising at its finest! Although the performers did their best, the experience was not at all what was promised. There was NO ONE from RuPaul's Drag Race "hosting" the event. The menu advertised here was NOTHING like what we were...continued

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Review from Amy
Red Velvet 53 events 5 reviews

It was a fabulous show. Really enjoyed their music, performances and would strongly suggest it to all.

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meryl prinz
Review from meryl prinz
Red Velvet 31 events 5 reviews

We really loved this show. The costumes were spectacular and very funny and creative. The show was about impersonating celebrities. The only thing that was not so good was that they asked for money too many times and left and envelope for tips on...continued

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Mike Hughes
Review from Mike Hughes
99 events 53 reviews

The drag show and food were good. It wasn't the best drag show thatI've been to but it was entertaining, especially for Orange County. I would recommend to others that it was definitely worth the price of a Goldstar ticket.

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Sweet Potato
Review from Sweet Potato
64 events 41 reviews

Great show! I went for my sister's birthday and the Queens went the extra mile to make sure she got the full experience. :D Had a blast.

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Review from Anne
64 events 27 reviews

Very funny and well done. Went with a friend. she liked it too. The food was so-so but we didn't go for a gourmet meal. The parking is tight... we were lucky and found a metered space, and after 8 p.m. no fee to park. We went to the 7 p.m....continued

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Negar D.
Review from Negar D.
34 events 26 reviews

The venue is small so you have a good view from anywhere you sit. The performers are fun and very entertaining. The food is mediocre at best! The drinks are decent. I highly recommend going to see the show!

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Review from Neisha
244 events 24 reviews

Great show and the performers were wonderful.
Beautiful costumes; great music and a lot of interaction with the audience. Food was surprisingly good for this type of venue. Parking was no problem and there was good visibility from every seat. ...continued

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Review from Stephen
38 events 21 reviews

Show was Fabulous - Food was good - drinks where Great - Staff was Fanstic and the over all experience was Amazing .

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Karen Gunther
Review from Karen Gunther
29 events 20 reviews

It was fantastic. Truly had a wonderful time with my daughter. If you can't enjoy this show then you are just not a fun person. Food was good as well.

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Brenda Arizaga-Yee
Review from Brenda Arizaga-Yee
147 events 20 reviews

Loved the show! Awesome food and fabulous entertainment!! costumes were amazing and so were props!! Definitely want to see show again!! Bravo to the queens!!

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Brenda Arizaga-Yee
Review from Brenda Arizaga-Yee
147 events 20 reviews

Show was amazing!! Food was great!! Costumes and props were fabulous! Definitely want to return!! Bravo to the Queens!!

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R. Reid
Review from R. Reid
49 events 19 reviews

Great entertainment!

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R. Reid
Review from R. Reid
49 events 19 reviews

Very entertaining and engaging event.

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