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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 324 events 163 reviews

A lot of funny comedians. As usual, some were better than others, but overall very funny. Cute intimate theater.
It's also really nice to be able to see comedy someplace they don't force you to buy drinks that are being served to your table in a...continued

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Lady Diane Chua
Review from Lady Diane Chua
Red Velvet 125 events 58 reviews

The last performer Duane Perkins saved the show. It was good times overall. Started out with an intimate audience of 8 and ended with about 20 people. (Take into consideration it was a rainy Sat nite though)

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Mister Mitch
Review from Mister Mitch
Red Velvet 106 events 53 reviews

Nice intimate room but less than 20 people in the crowd. Each comedian had a couple good lines but overall just average. The price was right and it's always fun walking around the 3rd Street Promenade before the show.

Would I recommend it? ...continued

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Barbara Friedman
Review from Barbara Friedman
Red Velvet 88 events 39 reviews

Really bad. Don't waste your money.

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Janvie Cason
Review from Janvie Cason
Red Velvet 52 events 36 reviews

It was fun and building on talent. Meaning the best comedian was last. Great for the first time.

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Linda F.
Review from Linda F.
Red Velvet 70 events 29 reviews

Very small venue - most of the comedians were funny - and some were very funny.

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Review from Scarlett
Red Velvet 89 events 27 reviews

Kick ass comics !

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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 21 events 15 reviews

Some of the 8 comics had some funny stuff, some not so much. One comic brought her date and acted as if this gig was just a stop over.

Emcee was good, but the show started 30 minutes late. It's in a ratsy little theatre that was hard to...continued

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Wendy Bass Scharf
Review from Wendy Bass Scharf
313 events 136 reviews

2 of the 6 comedians were hysterical, I had a laughing jag, tears were rolling down my face. 2 were funny (they had a warped sense of humor, but I understood them), and 2 were so-so. I would go again.

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Review from WILSON UY
150 events 72 reviews

It was fun ! most especially the last comic. No drink minimum... how I wish that there were more people in the audience. I luv the host!

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Miki Friedman
Review from Miki Friedman
79 events 31 reviews

Just Awful. Not in the least bit funny. I suppose that they have different "entertainment" each time but the ones that we saw were not good at all. There were 21 people in the audience. All young except for my husband and I and our 2 friends....continued

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Antonio Tovar Jr.
Review from Antonio Tovar Jr.
40 events 21 reviews

This is the worst stand-up comedy showcase I've ever been to. The comedians (with the exception of one who's material was just ok) weren't funny at all. It was so bad that some people walked out of the theatre during the middle of it. Some people...continued

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Review from NL
27 events 18 reviews

The comedians were great! =)

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David Leroi
Review from David Leroi
27 events 16 reviews

A couple of comics were humorous, but overall it was not a particularly funny show.

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Review from Kate
34 events 15 reviews

The place was strange and dilapidated. The "comedians" were not funny at all, except the last one who was pretty funny. We were very bored and irritated since we had come for comedy and did not get our money's worth. Will never go back.

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Greg Botelho
Review from Greg Botelho
26 events 14 reviews

Well the show started a 1/2 late after being told it would be 10 minutes late. There was a loud mouth lady in the audience, the comedians were not that gtood at all , and me and my wife left before the show was even over, save your money and dont go

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Review from Leslee
31 events 12 reviews

It was a small venue run by the comedians themselves. There was no drink minimum. It was very casual. It lasted two hours with a new comic about every fifteen minutes. All but two of them were funny. There was one comedian in general that...continued

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L Campbell
Review from L Campbell
39 events 12 reviews

it was funny.

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Ned Sheng
Review from Ned Sheng
45 events 12 reviews

Wow, this was probably, no DEFINITELY the worst comedy show I have ever been to. And you know, it wasn't just the show and the performers, it was the venue, and the audience. I guess when we went that night they were offering free show to...continued

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Review from Zephyr
31 events 11 reviews

Entertaining evening. Some comedians better than others. Did not really like those who had crude jokes.

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