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Review from Liane
79 events 11 reviews

Small and tight venue. Comics were ok. Not as funny as I was hoping.

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Review from russell
31 events 10 reviews

A wide variety of comics in a small (50 seat) venue. Not very well attended but fun nevertheless.

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Jimmie Breland
Review from Jimmie Breland
12 events 10 reviews

I commend!!!

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Robert M
Review from Robert M
19 events 10 reviews

Some comics slow and trying our new or unknown material. Some very funny, overall and enjoyable evening.

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Review from Derek
26 events 10 reviews

We saw 5 or 6 comics and 3 of them were funny. It's a little awkward when the comic bombed because it is a small venue, but i would go back.

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Olivia C.
Review from Olivia C.
27 events 9 reviews

my friends and i enjoyed the comedy hour or so tremendously. We will be back in the future.

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Jon Kato
Review from Jon Kato
24 events 9 reviews

surprisingly good show...i'm sure the comedians vary from show-to-show, but this night the opening acts were decent, but the headliners were solid and made the show worth the time...

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Review from Laura
25 events 9 reviews

WOW what a deal for a fun night out. Tickets are cheap, drinks are even cheaper. Comedians were funny and made themselves available after the show which we thought was a nice touch. Thanks for the laughs guys and girls we are coming back for...continued

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Review from freej2k
11 events 8 reviews

I expected an improv theater (where there are a group of actors who take suggestions from the audience and act out skits). So I was disappointed. However, I was happy to support young and up-coming comedians.

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Allen Wolf
Review from Allen Wolf
45 events 8 reviews

I think it depends on the comics that night. The night we went, the comics were very hit and miss but mostly miss...

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Julie Markussen
Review from Julie Markussen
28 events 8 reviews

Only two of the six comedians were actually funny. The other four were pretty terrible. Several read their material off of their notes. VERY amateur. If the theater hadn't been so small, my whole group wouldn't gotten up and left about 10...continued

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FS Siant
Review from FS Siant
34 events 7 reviews

This really was the worst comedy show I've ever been to! The comedians weren't even funny and it seemed as if the host had to say they've performed at different clubs to prove their validity! It also seemed if the more cuss words they used, the...continued

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Jessica E Maldonado
Review from Jessica E Maldonado
41 events 7 reviews

Very small venue. Lacked a legitimate bar. The only thing they had was a few beers, some can sodas and cheap vodka...and we all know the more you drink the funnier they are. The comedians were ok. The comedian that claimed to be Jewish was hilarious!

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Leonor Bravo
Review from Leonor Bravo
24 events 6 reviews

I had a fun evening. Some comics not as funny as others, some hilarious though. There was no drink minimum which was great and 10 comedians to entertain us. The audience size was small maybe about 30 people all toghether once the evening went...continued

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Review from Izzie
13 events 6 reviews

It was a great mix of comedians. I would go again! Local area is great to have dinner near by and walk on over!

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Gina Shayna
Review from Gina Shayna
17 events 6 reviews

My Mom and I attended last night. The Comedians were all fantastic! We laughed from beginning to end. Don't miss out on this show!

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Chris H
Review from Chris H
36 events 6 reviews

Small club, cheap drinks, and pretty good comics. All worth the price of admission.

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Mina Mata
Review from Mina Mata
35 events 6 reviews

Some very funny comedians and a few not so funny. Overall enjoyed it.

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Review from Alexis
14 events 6 reviews

This event was so much fun. There were maybe 7 comics and almost all of them were very funny! Drinks were cheap and the staff very friendly. It was convenient for us because we live in Santa Monica.. but it's easy to combine with an evening...continued

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Stephanie Levitt
Review from Stephanie Levitt
13 events 6 reviews

This was a fun, last minute thing to do. The theatre itself was a little hot and stuffy but the comedy was worth seeing. (We paid less for this than we would have for a movie, which was great!)

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