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Judy Higelin
Review from Judy Higelin
11 events 6 reviews

This was a terrible waste of time and money. Worse than amateur night. And they actually gave tickets away... Which is awful since I paid. Avoid like the plague.

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Selina Lopez
Review from Selina Lopez
12 events 5 reviews

1/2 of the comedians were moderately funny, 1/4 were hilarious and 1/4 were awful!!!!!! so i guess you could say it was a balanced show. even the sucky comedians made me laugh because they were soooo bad. it was eorth it though.

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jody wright
Review from jody wright
21 events 5 reviews

Fair experience....pretty runty theater of about 40 seats. Occasionally funny comedians working on their chops. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

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Matthew Schillaci
Review from Matthew Schillaci
37 events 5 reviews

Lots of fun!! Comedians were great and as good as any places I have been, ie., the improv, the comedy store, the ice house, etc., etc.
We'll be back!!

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Review from fleta
51 events 5 reviews

The majority of the performers were very funny. I've been to other comedy clubs and sometimes you are very lucky if 1 or 2 people are funny out of 5 or 6 who are bad.

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Mark S.
Review from Mark S.
33 events 5 reviews

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled, I assume because the audience was too small.

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Yaira Gurman
Review from Yaira Gurman
13 events 4 reviews

Diamond in the Rough. It is on third street not many people seem to know about it and it is a find. The comedians are top notch. We happen to go on a Friday night. there is no min drink so you are not disturbed by waiters the whole time. It...continued

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Doug Sparks
Review from Doug Sparks
79 events 4 reviews

Great comedy at a great price.

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Grace Lee
Review from Grace Lee
6 events 4 reviews

I had an amazing time...and on a budget too!

We had pretty low expectations going in, and was sure we'd be the only 3 people in the tiny venue, but once the show got started, the entire playhouse was packed and they proceeded to march 1...continued

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Review from Ry
8 events 4 reviews

Small intimate playhouse with several comedians during the night. Some were not really funny and there were some that got a few laughs out of me. I've been to other places where I stepped out of the comedy club with cheeks that hurt from...continued

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Review from StarringPam
5 events 4 reviews

Thank you Goldstar for my welcome back $10.00 gift! I got 2 comedy tix for $6.00. Wow! Awesome show! My husband and I laughed so hard! :D They had over 10 comics! Scott did a great job as the host! Great price for an invaluable fun...continued

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Review from Fisayo
5 events 4 reviews

The comedians were extremely dry...the host was annoying, kept making extremely sexual comments. We left half way thru the show..couldnt take it anymore !! Would not go to the show again even if I got free tickets !!

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Review from Juan
5 events 4 reviews

The entertainers were insipid and claudish. Despite having only paid five dollars a head, I believe it was good money after bad. This is a venue I'd strongly recommend against.

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Karen Holland
Review from Karen Holland
6 events 4 reviews

We had fun.

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Karen Holland
Review from Karen Holland
6 events 4 reviews

We had fun.

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Review from msukey
9 events 3 reviews

A perfect venue for comedic tryouts. Seats about 40 so you're real close to the show. Most of the comics were funny but you never know who is going to perform in a venue like this. Two thumbs up!

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Emilio Arauz
Review from Emilio Arauz
14 events 3 reviews

I enjoyed the small venue and the effort the comedians demonstrated. However, I expected them to be a little funnier. I do understand that they feed off of the crowd's energy (which there was very low), but they have to get the crowd going. I...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 3 reviews

I never know what to expect when I go to a Comedy Club, because they can be a very hit and miss. This night was definitely a miss.
I took my friend here on a Saturday night thinking it would be an awesome way to kick things off. This was our...continued

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Aj K.
Review from Aj K.
10 events 3 reviews

It had its moments. Some of the comics were pretty funny but the ones that were not funny were REALLY not funny, it was pretty sad seeing them up there and no one laughing.... all in all its more than I expected for the $9 ticket price and the...continued

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Review from smugplatypus
7 events 3 reviews

Paid $16 for tickets they were giving away free to anyone who walked by. Don't be a chump like me.

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