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5 events 3 reviews

Six comedians....2 were fair, 2 were really good and 2 were great! Worth every penny!

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Jen Akers
Review from Jen Akers
4 events 3 reviews

The comedians were all trying hard, and some were better than others. I definitely respect their effort, but overall the show was just OK. I think it will vary from week to week, and sometimes you might get lucky here. Even if the show isn't great...continued

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Bobbi Cichowski
Review from Bobbi Cichowski
5 events 3 reviews

There was no shortage of laughs or comics at this event- what a great way to spend a Friday night! The lady hosting the event was extremely friendly and we will most certianly be back.

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Review from PKitty
19 events 3 reviews

This was the most horrible comedy show I've ever been to. There was ONE funny person, and the rest were so not funny that I wanted to slit my wrists. I would have left early but that there were other guests blocking the path and I didn't want to...continued

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Scott Dennis
Review from Scott Dennis
20 events 3 reviews

Very, very good for the money....5 of the 7 folks were excellent...with a couple great!

Would do it again!

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Ronald B.
Review from Ronald B.
10 events 3 reviews

You don't know which comics will show up at each performance, but it's a cute, intimate theater and definitely worth a try.

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Review from Carole
2 events 2 reviews

A nice variety of comic styles. Very down to earth and personable. A fun evening.

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6 events 2 reviews

Had a great time. I like that it is a small and intimate playhouse. Almost feels like a very exclusive performance.

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Review from Blank
9 events 2 reviews

I saw the tickets being offered on Goldstar for $5, I asked my friend if he wanted to go and he said yeah. I told him that I couldn't guarantee the funniest. The place was very small, it kinda reminded me of the actor classes that you see on TV....continued

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Olga B.
Review from Olga B.
15 events 2 reviews

It was really, REALLY BAD. I would not say I hated it as one of the comedians was good and a couple were funny, but what was really bad was inability of the performers to adjust to the audience in front of them, and also an attitute of some. The...continued

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Review from Sebastian
6 events 2 reviews

It was surprisingly funny and enjoyable. To tell you the truth, we were expecting wanna be comedians with ridiculous impressions and slap-stick comedy, but we were pleasantly surprised by the talent. Close to ten comedians showed up and most of...continued

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Darin Black
Review from Darin Black
6 events 2 reviews

Like any comedy show, some comedians are really funny, some are just not. Some stupid, some are intelligent, some are just boring. Most at this show were entertaining. There was a couple who put us to sleep. I would go back again because you...continued

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Steve Tiber
Review from Steve Tiber
12 events 2 reviews

Not very funny

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martin reder
Review from martin reder
2 events 2 reviews

Refreshing for a big city, this is a small theater that is very personal. The comedians were good I think there were 6 differen ones. Some of the comedians were better than others but overall it was a good time. I would go again definatley.

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Review from Kristin
5 events 2 reviews

Small crowd, and a great time! Our host was HILARIOUS!

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9 events 2 reviews

Small venue; the last two comedians were good as was the emcee. Definelty an intimate setting.

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6 events 2 reviews

Some funny acts, and legitimate comedians with credentials...not everyone was full out hilarious, but there were some great acts and definitely worth a go...there aren't any mandatory drink minimums so that's a plus also.

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Review from AG
7 events 2 reviews

Some good comedians, some very good! Not a fancy establishment (not what we were looking for, nor expecting - just as a note), but good, fun evening's entertainment. Exceeded expectations and we will be going back again, with friends. Recommend.

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mrs. black
Review from mrs. black
6 events 2 reviews

Sorry- I am such a fan of comedy & SO wanted to like this show however on the night we went, it was L-O-N-G, drawn out & not very funny! There was ONE stand up writer from the Conan show that was pretty good & another young, energetic guy who was...continued

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David Schub
Review from David Schub
9 events 2 reviews

The comedians were good (some of them needed notecards to remember jokes, but it was still really good). Good location. The audience was full (but some of the comedians invited thier own guests who got in for free)

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