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Review from Nicolew287
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small comedy show in the heart of 3rd st promenade in Santa Monica - Cheap & Fun! This was a more intimate experience then say - laugh factory or comedy store, but just as great. Awesome comedians - very cheap mini bar ($3 glass of wine - although...continued

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C Patel
Review from C Patel
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Small intimate venue, very much a "hole in the wall' type of place. Some of the comedians were funny (others not so much). Overall we enjoyed our experience!

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Review from MDRsurfergirl
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Small venue. There were 4 comedians, 2 of them were funny. The other 2 not so much, but I'm sure it's hit or miss.

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Review from Schvazzy
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Small venue, set up is like a theatre with seats to the stage rather than a typical comedy club with a bunch of small tables. Good group of comics. The last one was simply hilarious - just crushed it. Fun night out.

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Jer W.
Review from Jer W.
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The comedians cracked us up. We will definitely be returning! Thanks

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Review from Sandy
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The event entailed 6 comedians and 4 out of the 2 were great. The setting was casual and the seating was comfortable. They also had
beer and wine available. Drinks, comfort, and laughter- what more could you ask for! This is a great place to take...continued

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Review from trista
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The show was great--especially Mo Mandel!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The theater itself is very small and quaint... good for stand-up comedy, but unfortunately, there were very few laughs. There were about 7 comedians and at least half of them either were having an off night or just seemed somewhat amateur and...continued

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Review from shelbo
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the theater was very small and cozy. there weren't that many people in attendance, but the show boldly went on!!!! the mc was a gal that was very funny and relatable. we really laughed and liked all the comedians with the exception of one, who...continued

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Genette Desire Morrison
Review from Genette Desire Morrison
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The venue was very small, which was okay, but most of the comedians were not funny at all. There were a couple of funny comedians, but most of the night was filled with awkward silence.

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Allen Luningham
Review from Allen Luningham
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The venue is very small, but I had an amazing time. I was laughing the entire show.

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Review from REDZJAM
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There atleast 10 comedians giving their performances. 4 out of 10 comedians are actually funny. There are only two females and mostly men. Karen is the most funniest female comedian I've ever met. She's quite a natural. The host, the guy with...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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they just weren't funny, some were in very poor taste..don't think i'd ever go back there

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Review from irish
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This is very small venue, but the comics were very entertaining. There is a good chance you will be part of a joke or the person sitting beside will, you're very close to the stage wherever you sit.

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chris Pilarski
Review from chris Pilarski
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This was a good time. The talent was very good for such a small venue. Easy to plan dinner around the promenade and attend the show after.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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This was a great event. All of the comedians were very funny. It is a very small theatre (kinda low budget) but the comedians were great. We went to the improv the week before, paid alot more,and did not laugh nearly as much. I will definitely...continued

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Review from csuttle
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This was a small venue, so at first my girlfriend was concerned, but was not a problem. Most comedy shows have a couple comedians and a headliner. The Promenade Playhouse had so many different comedians that I stopped counting at 6. I'd say...continued

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Natanya Steelman
Review from Natanya Steelman
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This was by far the shadiest comedy show I've ever attended!!!!! The guy who gave us tix at the front then went in and was the "bartender" (really just filled a plastic bin with ice, random beers and 2-buck chuck wine) and then was also one of the...continued

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Review from jpesanti
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This was not a funny show...you could hear a pin drop for most of it. Don't know if it was just a tough crowd or a really bad set of comedians. The female was funny, but the rest were simply not at all.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Total amateur hour. The headliner ran out of material and just started randomly insulting the audience.

Still, there were some bright spots, so no regrets. I'm happy to support local comedy.

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