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Alex Kozinski
Review from Alex Kozinski
Red Velvet 113 events 71 reviews

We enjoyed the show a lot. It was nice to learn a bit about Scholom Alecheim's life and times, and the two actors are very enthusiastic and accomplished. I would have preferred to hear some traditional Yiddish tunes rather than the apparently...continued

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Review from Sofimylee
Red Velvet 75 events 1 review

This was not a pleasant experience by any means. The balcony turned out to be almost a crawlspace with barstools. This should be made very clear to customers when they are purchasing tickets at this theater

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Paul K.
Review from Paul K.
205 events 139 reviews

The two actors are superb, but the stories were not that compelling.

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Iris Eisenberg Newman
Review from Iris Eisenberg Newman
166 events 124 reviews

The actors were fantastic. Very creative script, costumes, singing, remembering all of those lines and their accents were spot on, unless they were really Jewish. Bravo!

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Mina Ler
Review from Mina Ler
257 events 104 reviews

very enjoyable show

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Review from B.J.
41 events 27 reviews

It was okay. I am not a big fan of one/ two person shows but it was better than others I have seen.

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Babette Spatz
Review from Babette Spatz
68 events 26 reviews

They were seasoned actors, frantically playing many parts... some way to young, to a very small audience....they asked for donations at the end of the performance to cover their costs. It was embarrassing

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Judy Beacon Kantor
Review from Judy Beacon Kantor
47 events 22 reviews

The play was fine, but it was often difficult to hear the words of the songs. The music was too loud for the voices. We were in the back row, but it is a small theater so that shouldn’t have made a difference.

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Judy Barrat
Review from Judy Barrat
50 events 19 reviews

This play was charming and delightful, though personally I would have preferred more stories and less song. Having said that, I thought the writing and delivery were perfect.

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Review from Simona
46 events 5 reviews

I bought tickets as a gift for my in-laws and we went together.
We all had very good time.
We liked the play and performance.
It feels like there us your family theater with appetizers afterwards and both artists who starred in this play meeting...continued

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Paul Lieberman
Review from Paul Lieberman
18 events 5 reviews

I was the one who read the Jewish newspaper stories to my parents on the weekend. The show brought back a period of time that could have been forgotten if not shows like this.
The singing, words to each song and the music were so beautifully...continued

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Richard Susser
Review from Richard Susser
52 events 4 reviews
Judy Spector
Review from Judy Spector
5 events 3 reviews

Enjoyed it, happy that I remembered Yiddish and thought the acting was good.

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Review from Effkay
18 events 3 reviews

The two actors were wonderful and they made the story come alive. Definitely worth seeing.

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Siamak Khakshoor-Kohan
Review from Siamak Khakshoor-Kohan
3 events 1 review

This play brought so much joy to me and my guest. It was such a delightful and enjoyable show that anyone would enjoy.

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Mark Lipman
Review from Mark Lipman
1 event 1 review

Very creative and well performed
Intimate theater where you become almost part of the show, I enjoyed it and wroth seeing a different kind of experience

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