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*July 26, 2013 at 7:00pm: _Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey

*_Pad Yatra is an award-winning environmental documentary that spotlights the real-life adventure of 700 people who trekked across the Himalayas in an effort to save Earth’s “3rd pole,” a glacial region devastated by the climate chaos associated with global warming. Battling the most treacherous terrain on the planet, these planet-concious travelers spread their modern message of ecological compassion through humanity’s most basic means — by walking on foot, village to village, and teaching by example. Surviving harrowing injuries, illness and starvation, they emerge with nearly half a ton of plastic litter strapped to their backs. The film is narrated by Daryl Hannah and presented in English and Tibetan (with English subtitles). Film run time is 68 minutes.

July 26, 2013 at 8:45pm: *_Home*_

Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire, The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie) stars in screenwriter Jono Oliver’s feature directorial debut, which follows a mentally-ill man on his detour-filled road to recovery. Jack’s plan to leave his group home seems solid — he has an apartment and job lined up for himself, and is determined to prove to his ex-wife and son that he can be a stable and secure father. But he struggles when life begins to throw him its inevitable curve balls. This screening at the Awareness Festival is one of more than a dozen 2013 film fest appearances for Home, which also stars Joe Morton and James McDaniel. *


_**July 27, 2013 at 11:15am:** Sacred Journey of the Heart

This groundbreaking film explores the science and spirit of our connection. Starring Gregg Braden, Mary Morrissey, Dr. Joe Dispenza, experts from the Institute of HeartMath, indigenous elders from around the world and other leading teachers and authors, the film explores the power of the human heart to literally create a new world. Writer-producer Ronna Prince asks this question in the film’s prologue: Have you ever started on a journey to a specific destination only to end up somewhere completely different? As Ronna began filming, she had no intention of sharing her long-buried secrets. But by courageously revealing her story, the film evolved into a compelling documentary about healing, forgiveness and the transformative power of the heart. More than just a compilation of facts, this film contains step-by-step suggestions on how to live fully in heart-centered connection. Dr. Joe Dispenza says: “Our heart-based connection is not a meta-physical suggestion, it is a scientific reality.” Join this stellar cast to discover how to harness the power of your own heart. Find out what Gregg Braden means when he says: “The heart is where the action is!” Spiritual Media Blog calls this film, “compelling, authentic, real and uplifting!” Q&A following the film with director Skip Thomas. Film run time is 88 minutes.

July 27, 2013 at 3:00pm: *_*California Winter*_* Featuring _On-Ramp

_*In 2005 Clara Morales begins a rising career in real estate by encouraging risky loans to her clients in order to afford houses above their means. Loans that she didn’t fully understand. She even advises her father to take such a loan. With the onset of the 2008 housing market crash, Clara’s father’s house goes into foreclosure, and Clara must now save her childhood home. This results in a strain on her relationship with her father, leading him to ignore her regarding matters of his health. She must also win back the trust of her neighbors who have been negatively affected by subprime loans. Meanwhile, Clara is in a fierce competition with a coworker to hold onto her job in a downsizing workplace. One positive aspect to her life is a burgeoning romance with her bank representative, the handsome and caring Carlos. However, with the eviction date right around the corner, Clara gives into the continuing stress at work and makes a reckless play to acquire a new client in the hopes of making a large bonus and paying off the home. This backfires and she loses her job, and saving the home seems more impossible than ever. Ultimately, Clara and her father realize that although they have made some bad decisions along the way, they need to put the past behind them, and they enact a final and desperate plan to save their home. A heartfelt story about realizing how personal choices and family can be stronger than any force working against you. Director: Odin Ozdil Screens with: On Ramp_*


July 28, 2013 at 1:00pm: *_*Sirius*_*

*_Sirius_ is a feature-length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer — an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher — as he struggles to disclose top-secret information about classified energy and propulsion techniques. Director: Amardeep Kaleka *

July 28, 2013 at 3:30pm: *_*Beauty and the Breast*_* Featuring _Invincible Cure

_*A first-time documentary filmmaker Liliana Komorowska offers a compelling and intimate insight into the devastating reality of breast cancer, as seen through the eyes of nine female patients. Director: Liliana Komorowska

Screens with: Invincible Cure*

July 28, 2013 at 5:30pm: *_*The Paw Project*_* Featuring Woof, Haunted Waters and _Kindness: A Super Smiley Dogumentary

*_The Paw Project documentary is an inspiring David and Goliath story of a grassroots movement to protect felines, both large and small, from the cruelty of declawing and how the movement has prevailed, despite the efforts of well-funded professional veterinary associations. Director: Jennifer Conrad

Screens with: Woof, Haunted Waters and Kindness: A Super Smiley Dogumentary*

July 28, 2013 at 7:00pm: *_*Awakening World*_*

*What fuels an Awakening World? That’s what filmmaker Sebastian Siegel sets out to uncover through interviews with renowned authors, leaders and globally recognized artists. The documentary adventure explores the fundamental questions at the core of human fulfillment, such as “what is love?” and “what is the purpose of life?” Influences on the filmmaker from Indian mythology, the arts and growing up in Hawai’i drive the film. The woven dialogue culminates in the advocation of the concept of “Aloha” as the essential means necessary to perpetuate widespread human joy. Director: Sebastian Siegel *

July 28, 2013 at 7:30pm: One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das Featuring Let Your Light Shine*

In 1970, Jeffrey Kagel walked away from the American dream of rock ‘n’ roll stardom, turning down the chance to record as lead singer for the band soon-to-be the Blue Oyster Cult. Instead, he sold all his possessions and moved from the suburbs of Long Island to the foothills of the Himalayas in search of happiness and a little-known saint named Neem Karoli Baba. One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das follows his journey to India and back, witnessing his struggles with depression and drug abuse, to his eventual emergence as Krishna Das, world-renowned spiritual teacher and Grammy nominated chant master. Featuring interviews with Ram Dass (LSD icon Richard Alpert), Rick Rubin (Grammy Award-winning producer), Sharon Salzberg (New York Times bestselling author), Daniel Goleman (two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee) as well as a musical score by J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) & Devadas, this is the inspiring story of how one man’s heart-expanding journey continues to transform countless lives. Director: Jeremy Frindel

Screens with: Let Your Light Shine

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