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Annette Mann
Review from Annette Mann
Red Velvet 281 events 252 reviews

A wonderful play for Jews and non-Jews. It explores the strength and vulnerability of faith of any religion. Like “Fiddler on the Roof”, this is Jewish 101 for those who aren’t. The acting is wonderful. The story creates lots of opportunity for...continued

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Review from jpies
431 events 78 reviews

Very good performances of a thought-provoking play. Not really a comedy, tho there are some good laughs.

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Review from Scott
71 events 49 reviews

This show was fantastic. Great acting and very thought provoking. Don’t miss it!!!

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Review from TioMatteo
3 events 2 reviews

It's a beautiful story of connection, faith and support. I loved the way it unfolded and thought the performances were stellar, especially Pamela Heffler.

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Melanie Bayer
Review from Melanie Bayer
3 events 1 review

Fabulous show. Very inspiring. Too bad we saw the last performance yesterday!

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N Citronmansfield
Review from N Citronmansfield
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The acting is fantastic, I felt like I was not in a theatre but a fly on the wall listening to the Rabbi and the "Bar Mitzvah Boy." The story is both inspirational and heartbreaking. A thought provoking and entertaining experience.

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Melanie Prager
Review from Melanie Prager
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The play was written extremely well. The acting was great, the transitions between scenes were very efficient. It cannot be simple for two people to carry a play for a whole 90 minutes and the two actors did an exceptional job!

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Nancy Milholland
Review from Nancy Milholland
2 events 1 review

This was a well written play with an outstanding cast of two. It moved at a natural pace with an engaging plot, lots of humor and pathos. The relationship between the two characters was genuine - it was superbly cast - and the audience was fully...continued

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D Reed
Review from D Reed
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While the religious context of the play is Jewish, the play is not about Judaism so much as it is about the various challenges to faith that life's tragedies present. The play manages deftly not to limit itself only to one religion's view of faith...continued

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