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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 665 events 537 reviews

Overall a positive experience but there were several areas that could be improved including: (1) getting out of the recommended parking lot was a nightmare afterwards, would have gladly paid for a more streamlined process, with perhaps some people...continued

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Review from killioj
Red Velvet 96 events 45 reviews

Really nice time. The weather is cool at night so bring a hoodie or blanket! Quite a few of the food trucks didn't show up, so the food was slightly limited, but we still found yummy options! Movie started on time. Parking was $5 and a breeze!...continued

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Geraldine Geraldine
Review from Geraldine Geraldine
Red Velvet 119 events 27 reviews

It's worth the admission! Enjoyed the movie and food trucks. First time at the High School Greek Theater. I prefer the baseball field grass to the concrete floor, but having blankets and cushions help ease the pain of laying on the concrete. ...continued

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Review from Edward
136 events 113 reviews

Fun experience. Certainly worth the comp tks. Only wish movie wasn't cut off during end credits.

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Review from Edward
136 events 113 reviews

Thanks for the comp tks. Always nice to see an outdoor screening during the summer. Good, quiet audience. Even dogs were respectful.

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Agripina Payuyo
Review from Agripina Payuyo
89 events 36 reviews

Was a very pleasant experience.The only thing that I did not like is the expensive parking.There should have been a validation for those going to the movie. There was a technical problem with the sound at the climax of the movie. It all of sudden...continued

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Matt Yabs
Review from Matt Yabs
86 events 34 reviews

Good location. Venue was awesome. Parking sucked.....took almost an hour to get out of the lot across the street.

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victoria graham
Review from victoria graham
51 events 17 reviews

From check in to exiting, all facets of this event were wonderfully planned out. Nice ampitheater at Santa Monica high school. What a bonus that we got to listen to a live band, the Jacks. Pet friendly, the dogs were all well behaved. Will...continued

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Agiimaa Kruchkin
Review from Agiimaa Kruchkin
26 events 13 reviews

It was the first time they ever sold out, so make sure to plan accordingly! Get there early so you can get good spots. The band kind of sucked, but other than that - fun experience, as usual, with the food trucks, freebies and good vibes....continued

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Review from MKA
25 events 12 reviews

Great summer event!

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Jesús David Orozco
Review from Jesús David Orozco
24 events 11 reviews

Can't really complain. The Amphitheater made it really convenient for everyone to see. Normally I would complain about someone having a large chair and blocking my view. I guess my only complaint would be my loud neighbors. They would not shut up...continued

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Gila Brown
Review from Gila Brown
26 events 11 reviews

Love these events! Such a great night to share with friends. Wish the food trucks were better stocked, though. By dessert, there were slim-pickins' with the ice-cream and cupcakes. Lesson learned: eat dessert first.

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Lora M Guerrero
Review from Lora M Guerrero
23 events 10 reviews

I wasnt able to attend :( this showing

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Review from Leslie
14 events 10 reviews

This was my first time at an Eat, See, Hear event. I took my 22 year old niece who is new to LA, and we both loved it. It was very well organized and although we brought a picnic dinner, next time I plan to try one of the many food trucks. My...continued

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Lora M Guerrero
Review from Lora M Guerrero
23 events 10 reviews

We had a great time. The parking situation was easy, the food trucks were tasty, the venue was great and the dogs there were well mannered which was awesome. Perfect night out with the great weather we had this w eekendm looking forward to see...continued

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Edward Williams
Review from Edward Williams
15 events 9 reviews

Great night out. Had a total blast. Cool music. Great food trucks!

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Review from JenRaspberry
9 events 7 reviews

Fun relaxing event after crazy Friday night out on 4th of july weekend. Bad thing were the LONG LINES in front of the food trucks that night. It was the 4th of July so they could've planned some REAL fireworks instead of stupid fireworks on the...continued

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Review from beechbab
21 events 5 reviews

Great venue...amphitheatre allowed unobstructed viewing and best of all...doggie friendly!

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Review from plipp
5 events 5 reviews

Loved the band Oyls...you should have them back again.

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Review from perris
9 events 4 reviews

Eat See Hear is a really fun event. The band (Opus Orange) was excellent and the choice of food trucks was top notch. Eat See Hear is a must for anyone who lives in LA!

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