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Carlos Alberto
Review from Carlos Alberto
Red Velvet 449 events 188 reviews

It takes a lot to get me out on a Monday night but walking into a sold out show told me that maybe there's something special about Einstein. It's highly unusual to see a show and walk out with a higher IQ but as Jack Fry takes you through the...continued

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Review from ecw
Red Velvet 35 events 6 reviews

The play & performance were both wonderful!
My complaints are with the venue. It was uncomfortable as it became increasingly hot & stuffy during the show. It was a full house but there seemed to be no attention given to air circulation during the...continued

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Review from G,H.
1161 events 502 reviews

The author/solo actor had done a lot of research and presented it well. But despite of all those authentic details I never had the feeling that I was seeing a real living person. No objections but also not a play I would send my friends to. G.H.

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Review from Annonymous
239 events 158 reviews

Learned aspects of AE's life that revealed a more human side. Well done except that there were parts that were hard to hear (and we were up close).

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Review from geeseherder
117 events 101 reviews

An interesting way to look at Einstein. However, the first 30 minutes dragged as it took forever to get it up on it's feet after long discourses on the philosophy of marriage, and how to raise children.

It also lacked solid education of...continued

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micah cover
Review from micah cover
494 events 100 reviews

I have attended and even performed countless one-man shows on both coasts. This is by far one of the best I've ever seen. I don't know if this is Mr. Fry's talent showing through, or if Einstein really was that funny, but I was surprised at how...continued

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Candy Man Dan
Review from Candy Man Dan
127 events 75 reviews

I not only was entertained, made more knowable, I got a free cookie! This is a must see play!

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Michael David
Review from Michael David
64 events 40 reviews

Thoughtful and intellectual

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Gary Nichols
Review from Gary Nichols
72 events 33 reviews

Excellent performance!

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Review from Donald
180 events 32 reviews

great show,I laughed and also learned

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Review from DEANN
42 events 30 reviews

We loved it!

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Review from Shelley
90 events 27 reviews

Very inventive take on an old subject! Clever and fresh. Highly recommend !

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Review from lalynne
247 events 23 reviews

Well done production - I learned a lot and plan to see it again when it returns in November . WELL RESEARCHED and PEREFORMED by MR>FRY - I plan to read more about the scientist,s life. Don,t miss it.

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Review from Marlene
42 events 18 reviews

It was too long and got boring in many parts.

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Julie G.
Review from Julie G.
49 events 16 reviews

This is the second time I've seen this unbelievable show. Jack Fry is stellar. You will feel that you are in the same room with Einstein and will leave wanting more.

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Review from Real
62 events 15 reviews

Great performance playing all the different characters.
Easy 3 hour parking at a meter on Wilshire.

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Kelly Mullis
Review from Kelly Mullis
35 events 15 reviews

I really enjoyed the performance of Jack Fry in "Einstein". His masterful acting and story telling took me on a journey into the mind of a highly intelligent, ambitious, frustrated man whose single focus was to prove his theory of relativity to...continued

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Rachelle Jan Varley
Review from Rachelle Jan Varley
67 events 15 reviews

We did enjoy the play. The acting was good and the material very interesting. The big problem was the very poor sound. It was extremely difficult to hear everything that Mr. Fry said. That was a shame, because play itself was quite witty and it...continued

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Carol Easton
Review from Carol Easton
44 events 13 reviews

It was my second viewing -- the performance is so extraordinary that I wanted four of my pals, including an actor/grandson, to see it.

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Review from laurieg123
46 events 9 reviews

All five of us thoroughly enjoyed "Einstein!", not just the Physics teacher in the group. With a mix of drama and humor, Jack Fry brought Albert "back from the beyond" to share a very human side of this genius and a part of his life that many may...continued

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