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anthony garcia
Review from anthony garcia
34 events 8 reviews

This is the first play I've seen in years, and I truly loved it. Highly recommend.

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Evie Sullivan
Review from Evie Sullivan
24 events 7 reviews

Well thought through, well written and well performed!

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Brian Knudson
Review from Brian Knudson
14 events 7 reviews

When a consummate and charismatic performer immerses himself into the role of a fascinating icon, you get theatre magic! I can't like this show enough! For me, there was more adversity in Einstein's struggle for validation than I had known. It was...continued

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Review from Andrea
15 events 6 reviews

I thought it was innovative, but is was a bit too "schmoozy" for my liking as there was too much contrast between audience interaction and dialogue. The performer seemed at times to be lost in "what am I supposed to do or say next" and there were...continued

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Review from robmino
25 events 6 reviews

superb performance! and well researched.

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Donna Evans
Review from Donna Evans
42 events 6 reviews

We attended "Einstein" last Wednesday night at Santa Monica Playhouse, a one-man tour de force by Jack Fry. In 80 minutes, Mr. Fry leads us through Albert Einstein's early years from 1913 to 1922. Those years were tortured on many levels, from...continued

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Review from Wanda
24 events 5 reviews

Jack Fry's Einstein is history, science and comedy
rolled into one brilliantly entertaining night in the theater.

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Gail Michael
Review from Gail Michael
5 events 5 reviews

Just saw this incredible play recently!

Brilliant Performance by Jack Fry!
It was one of the best performances I have ever seen on stage. Jack Fry's was extraordinary as Einstein. I was riveted throughout the entire performance and will...continued

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Beate A Nickel
Review from Beate A Nickel
9 events 5 reviews

Very interesting details about Einstein's life. Astounding accomplishment to hold a flawless 80 minute monologue!

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Adriana Espinoza
Review from Adriana Espinoza
14 events 4 reviews

it was ok.

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Review from allison
12 events 4 reviews

Jack Fry is amazing. He gives a great performance as Einstein and many other characters. Very talented and passionate actor. Story was interesting. I just give it a 4 star because the venue isn't great, seats uncomfortable.

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Judith Herschman
Review from Judith Herschman
31 events 4 reviews

Newly discovered this small theater. The one-man play and performance was excellent.

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Lynne Hersche
Review from Lynne Hersche
31 events 4 reviews

We loved it ! It was very well done and we learned so much about! the life of a very great man.

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Review from harborthree
6 events 3 reviews

"Einstein" really connected with the audience in a performance that made you laugh, made you cry and in the end made you appreciate a personal side and struggle of this genius that you may not have been aware of.

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Review from mikelmikel
8 events 3 reviews

Amazing. Insightful. And Jack brings an honesty to the stage that is mesmerizing. Bravo!

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Review from Cindy
3 events 3 reviews

I saw this show with my daughter and was amazed by Fry's performance. His eccentric portrayal of Einstein in his frustration and solitude was captivating and humorously captured the character!

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Veronica Ochoa
Review from Veronica Ochoa
11 events 3 reviews

The actor was great! Was impressive with knowing so many lines and making so many voices while playing numerous characters.

but because he played all characters, at times keeping track was difficult. I fell asleep for 5-10 minutes and I want the...continued

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Review from harborthree
6 events 3 reviews

This is the second time I've seen this show, it's worth seeing twice because there's a lot of information. I loved not only the actor's portrayal, but the explanation of relativity. I think I've got a better grasp of it, relatively speaking. ...continued

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Michael Hannah
Review from Michael Hannah
13 events 3 reviews

Unfortunately, this was one of the worst shows we have been to. It was like listening to an old man ranting about his life, switching voices, and muttering. If there had been an intermission, we would have left, but we were trapped for the whole...continued

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Rich Kozak
Review from Rich Kozak
24 events 2 reviews

Actor Jack Fry's research into Einstein's life as a thinker, physicist, husband, father really paid off, because he helped us see and feel and hear Einstein's most vulnerable and most joyous moments. I was entertained by his unique characters and...continued

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