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Julie Torrance
Review from Julie Torrance
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As an Einstein fan, I was fortunate to finally see this play. The overall experience was everything and more.

Jack Fry’s portrayal of Einstein was so compelling, and convincing, I felt I was a real- time witness to the accounts of his...continued

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Matthew Levy
Review from Matthew Levy
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Best one-man show I've seen. An amazing performance. You don't want to miss it.

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Miranda Webster
Review from Miranda Webster
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Combining History and Science to make it is interesting is hard enough, however Jack Fry's portrayal of Einstein is funny and interesting to watch. Bravo Sir! we had a fun afternoon.

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robb skyler
Review from robb skyler
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EInstein, was an incredible theatre experience. Jack Fry, was compelling, entertaining, and brilliant, with his ability to bring Albert Einstein to life! I would highly recommend this show to everyone with a pulse!

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Sara Matthews
Review from Sara Matthews
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Einstein, the play is non-stop and action packed. The feeling of time traveling to the life story of Einstein's struggles personally and professionally is well done by Jack Fry. Don't miss any opportunity to see this one man show with great...continued

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Jessica Taggart
Review from Jessica Taggart
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Extremely interesting and so well executed! It was very well researched and factual. We have always been fascinated with the brilliant mind of Albert Einstein so it was wonderful to see part of his life story. We highly recommend seeing it!

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Hunter Kettering
Review from Hunter Kettering
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Fry's EINSTEIN! solo play is a fascinating experience which takes you through the life and troubles of Albert Einstein's life through both struggle and triumph. It's comedic, engaging, informative and fun.

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Malcolm Dane
Review from Malcolm Dane
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Genius! Jack Fry, playing several characters seamlessly, held our attention for 90 minutes, giving us a glimpse into the mind of Einstein. Painting a human portrait of a very complicated man. A must see!! Jack Fry is Einstein!

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Review from Shan
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Great depiction of Einstein and his troubles in his personal and professional life!

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Benjamin Sharples
Review from Benjamin Sharples
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Great show- really enjoyed it. I found myself laughing at funny lines throughout and was also very moved by the scenes between Einstein and his son. I learned quite a bit too, not only about the science but also about Einstein's personal...continued

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Review from Jonas
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Great show. Jack's acting and engagement with the audience keeps the show fun and informative.

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Tania Houston
Review from Tania Houston
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Had the pleasure of seeing Jack fry embody Einstein at the Santa Monica playhouse on Tuesday evening. Jack fry was sensational stunning alluring to say the least. I definitely recommend seeing this show. Kudos Jack fry you rocked it!


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Wendy Gayner
Review from Wendy Gayner
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Hard to hear the actor and the plot was not well built. Did not keep us interested.

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Matthew Sibley
Review from Matthew Sibley
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I hadn't ever really gone to a one-man show, but there are some students in my acting class who are putting together shows. My coach suggested I check out this show if I was thinking of writing my own scene, and I'm really glad I actually did it....continued

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Richard Lucas
Review from Richard Lucas
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I soooo enjoyed this show. Clearly researched to Smithsonian levels, but a multifaceted and powerful performance as well. My favorite aspect overall was the surprising infusion of humor right from the opening through to the end, not just in...continued

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Mallory Rexford Perry
Review from Mallory Rexford Perry
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It was brilliant and outstanding.

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Justin Yang
Review from Justin Yang
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Jack Fry is a spectacle in all the best ways. His one-man show's got science, humor, drama, and half a dozen different characters that set themselves apart despite all wearing the same outfit. Although Einstein is a household name, Jack shares the...continued

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Rosemary A king
Review from Rosemary A king
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Jack is a "Jack of all trades" and a master at everything he puts his hands on. He continues to amaze me time after time!
I cannot wait to see what this genius will come up with next!

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Review from Talins
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Jack’s performance was absolutely amazing! This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a small theater production. I would highly recommend Einstein for both the performance as well as the cleverly written play.

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Christina Fauver
Review from Christina Fauver
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Loved this show! Would definitely see it again:)

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