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Steve Baker
Review from Steve Baker
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Mr. Fry did a fantastic job bringing Albert Einstein back from the grave. His attention to detail and humor made the show.

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Review from Garywb
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Mr. Fry's acting was very good. He was very good at playing all the parts. I really enjoyed the whole production. Plus great writing and directing.

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Tracy Chan
Review from Tracy Chan
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My kid did a school project on Einstein and he learned even more from the show! Very inspirational especially the struggling of Albert between his dream and family.

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Debbie Woods
Review from Debbie Woods
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Outstanding performance - Jack Fry is a master in his portrayal of numerous characters. History and passion! Loved it!

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Mc Jedi
Review from Mc Jedi
2 events 1 review

Powerful! My wife and I loved it!

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Review from Stephanie
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Such an incredible show. Well written, well acted, captivating, eye opening! A must see!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The breathtaking race to understand and publish the theory of relativity, which forever changed our understanding of the universe, filtered through the agonizing personal pain and ultimate human limitations of Albert Einstein, will stay in memory...continued

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Review from philmanzo
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The play was very entertaining and funny, while staying true to history. It was as if my sons report on Albert Einstein came to life. I was engaged the whole time.

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Pamela Foard
Review from Pamela Foard
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The Santa Monica Playhouse is a charming structure in the heart of the city on Fourth and Wilshire. It only seats about one hundred and has the perfect amount of intimacy. The stage is set to resemble Einstein's study, complete with desk, violin,...continued

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Review from Matilda
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The show was unique-- surprisingly emotional and funny. I never thought about Einstein's personal journey he experienced and the sacrifices made in achieving General Relativity. Also, relevant is how this story brought in many of the...continued

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Karim Shahabi
Review from Karim Shahabi
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The show, Einstein, was amazing--truly on par with Hal Holbrook's Mark Twain Tonight!

Though the actor single-handedly played many characters, we were never confused as he maintained each character's dialect with complete consistency throughout...continued

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Gregory Kendall
Review from Gregory Kendall
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There are several amazing characters in this dramatization, and ALL of them are Jack. It's a masterclass in nuances of expression.

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Michelle Wong
Review from Michelle Wong
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This is my first time seeing a one-person play and what a treat! It was really neat to see how Jack Fry was able to play multiple characters so seamlessly. He also worked with the space really well: the lighting, the set, and the interaction with...continued

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Jeffrey Goldberg
Review from Jeffrey Goldberg
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This presentation is a must see for anyone with an interest in the human condition. Jack Fry's most original portrayal of Einstein, one of history's most important, unique, dynamic individuals is not only fascinating and entertaining, but a...continued

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Dan Sachoff
Review from Dan Sachoff
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This show is phenomenal!! What a great exploration of this iconic figure. My wife and I came into this show knowing surprisingly little about Albert Einstein. After this incredible immersive experience we are left with a renewed appreciation for...continued

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Review from hamilton65
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This was a really great show. It makes you laugh, learn and even pulls you in emotionally. Jack Fry is an incredible actor and appears to have really done a lot of research on Einstein. I'm definitely going to see this show again on June 21st.

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Review from LuciH
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This was a very informative and entertaining play. This one man show was acted out by Mr. Fry who did a splendid job performing as Einstein. The acting was really spot on and with the amount of accurate information he details, it was like a...continued

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Richard Seigle
Review from Richard Seigle
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This was very informative and the actor did a fantastic job elucisdaing Einstein's life in Berlin around the time of the Nobel Prize awards.

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Review from Todd
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Though the venue was intimate, the show was majestic and the performer extraordinary. Jack Fry delivered a virtuoso portrayal of an enigmatic world figure. A highly entertaining and educational undertaking that I would recommend to all walks of...continued

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Jay Mandal
Review from Jay Mandal
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Very well done, both funny and serious! Lots of research was obviously done which made the show very educational! Jack Frye the actor was incredible with this one man show. He included comedic elements as he took the audience through Einsteins...continued

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