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The concert is a survey of Renaissance polyphony for four and eight voices over the course of a liturgical year. With the complete Mass for four voices based on the rhapsodic cantus firmus Ave regina caelorum — the antiphon to the Magnificat during Lent — by Palestrina as the focal point, we traverse the year with settings of the remaining Marian antiphons and other motets, all for eight voices, by Lassus, Victoria, Guerrero, and Gabrieli. The beautiful chiaroscuro of Lassus’s setting of the title motet, Omnia tempus habent, rounds out the program.

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: _Missa Ave regina caelorum a 4

Orlandus Lassus: Omnia tempus habent a 8

Omnes de Saba venient a 8

Salve regina a 8

Alma redemptoris mater a 8

_*Tomas Luis de Victoria*: _Regina caeli laetare a 8

_*Francisco Guerrero:* _Regina caeli laetare a 8

_*Giovanni GabrieliL* Jubilemus singuli a 8

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