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Annette Mann
Review from Annette Mann
Red Velvet 281 events 252 reviews

The play is cute but not great. Some predictable old jokes. The actors are good, but not great. I thought it was over acted, especially the goy. It was entertaining, but not memorable theater.

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 143 events 65 reviews

The actors were great. We met Kyle, one of the actors in the play. He was a very nice guy. The story line was real hitting all the areas of aging and everyday life.

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Natalie Rabiner
Review from Natalie Rabiner
Red Velvet 50 events 8 reviews

Quant theatre. Clever and thought provoking performance.

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Geralyn M.
Review from Geralyn M.
255 events 180 reviews

Good production. Three old friends meet to resolve a dispute from fifteen years ago. Reflective. Funny entertaining

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Paul K.
Review from Paul K.
208 events 143 reviews

Very funny play but with some very bittersweet moments. As a senior, I could relate to the events these seniors were reliving. Many episodes brought me to tears. It was a very well written play that was very meaningful to me.

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Susan Lynch
Review from Susan Lynch
46 events 33 reviews

The acting was excellent, but the story left me cold. The people I was with enjoyed it more than I did.

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Bette Harris
Review from Bette Harris
41 events 30 reviews

We absolutely loved this play. Witty, clever, hilarious, fast moving, entertaining, and relevant. Had a fabulous time afterward chatting with playwright, Jerry Mayer, cast members, staff, and other guests at a very lovely reception. Love this...continued

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Review from Tia
29 events 10 reviews

The acting was not the best, it was slow

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Review from Elizabeth
15 events 6 reviews

Absolutely Delightful .. Actors, storyline,
humour all well done .. Definitely 5 Star
worthy ..

Enjoyed the entire 75 minutes .

Thank you all !


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Myrna Neuwelt
Review from Myrna Neuwelt
27 events 3 reviews

This play was funny and thoughtful. The cast was terrific, and the staging was very effective. We recommend this highly, and we definitely would see any other Jerry Mayer plays at this venue.

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Terry Saperstein
Review from Terry Saperstein
5 events 2 reviews

All the actors & actresses were fantastic! We thoroughly enjoyed all the comedy within !

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Fun Guy
Review from Fun Guy
10 events 2 reviews

Cast / theatre were great and the story well written. Kept us very entertained...we recommend seeing it.

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Kathleen Bonfond
Review from Kathleen Bonfond
6 events 2 reviews

I had a lot of laughs. Enjoyed the actors

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Naomi Slodki
Review from Naomi Slodki
5 events 1 review

I have loved all the shows the writer is known for. I anticipate clever writing even with a serious subject (aging , loss of friendships and regrets)
But It just seemed sad and a little bleak .

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Christine Wulf
Review from Christine Wulf
44 events 1 review

Regrets....we all have a few as do the main characters in MISTAKES WERE MADE. And how these three old friends deal with them is both funny and touching. There is a lot to love about this play from the script that with humor captures the the pain...continued

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