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Hilda Mukamal Dallal
Review from Hilda Mukamal Dallal
Red Velvet 229 events 78 reviews

We truly enjoyed it.

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Review from Donna
Red Velvet 50 events 12 reviews

Monica Piper is fantastic! This show is a DO-NOT-MISS-clever, funny, moving and entertaining! Just a terrific production.

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Review from Mfire21
Red Velvet 28 events 2 reviews

A must see whether you are Jewish or not! Monica is brilliant. An hour and one half seemed like a blink! I would see it again!

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Abbie Rapport
Review from Abbie Rapport
Red Velvet 5 events 2 reviews

Monica Piper was hilarious from start to finish. She told her life through comedy and the audience laughed though the whole show.
We had a party of three and all of us said the same thing" This show was incredible and we will recommend it to all...continued

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Geralyn M.
Review from Geralyn M.
263 events 186 reviews

What a wonderful production. We loved it. We laughed we cried. Perfect depiction of life. Go see it. You will totally enjoy it

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Iris Eisenberg Newman
Review from Iris Eisenberg Newman
179 events 129 reviews

My husband and I just loved the story of Monica Piper. Her story was captivating as well as so funny. I related to so many things she was talking about from my childhood. It was amazing how she talked and entertained us for 2 hours. We have talked...continued

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Review from baf
140 events 77 reviews

My husband and I got Goldstar tix (great deal), so besides paying a very reasonable amount, we figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. If we liked it? Great. If we didn’t? No big deal,
Well—much to our surprise and enjoyment—we absolutely...continued

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Review from Scott
73 events 49 reviews

This show was fantastic and it had you laughing, thinking of the past and sad. I believe it is being extended. Don’t miss it.

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Review from susanD
73 events 36 reviews

Funny, Heartwarming, a must see

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Review from Donald
166 events 29 reviews

I laughed and then had tears This show is amazing

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Arline B.
Review from Arline B.
42 events 22 reviews

Amazing. Funny and poignant. Laughed out loud. She is a real professional. I’d see it again.

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Arlyne Szerman
Review from Arlyne Szerman
23 events 16 reviews

One of the funniest one person shows I have ever seen. Monica Piper is absolutely hilarious and she tells her stories so well and they are so real. It is easy to relate to them.
The theater is small and seats are not particularly comfortable but...continued

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Susan Roye
Review from Susan Roye
60 events 13 reviews

Fabulous show - even if you're not Jewish! Monica Piper is spectacularly talented and relatable, and her one-woman reflection on her life as a female Jewish standup comic, writer and actor makes for a spellbinding (and hilarious) 90 minutes.

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robert ruder
Review from robert ruder
37 events 12 reviews

A humorous enlightening warm experience

Stiff laughing

A “not to be missed” performance

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Amy Guttman
Review from Amy Guttman
38 events 12 reviews

Monica Piper is brilliantly hilarious!
This is the second time I’ve seen her. Not to be missed!

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Jay Levine
Review from Jay Levine
26 events 12 reviews

Very funny lady - you want to see this show - buy tickets - you will not regret it.

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Ginger Giselle Dunst
Review from Ginger Giselle Dunst
22 events 11 reviews

We were 5 people and we all loved it! I had seen it about four years ago and it was just as good. It is very funny, yet very touching at the same time. Don't miss it before it closes September 12..

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Review from Millie
20 events 9 reviews

Monica is hilarious. Her timing and facial expressions are perfection.

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Janet R
Review from Janet R
14 events 9 reviews

Monica is terrific. Very funny and the audience can identify with everything she talks about. We all enjoyed the performance immensely.

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Review from JDornstein
47 events 8 reviews

Hilarious. Went back a second time with my daughter, who also loved it.

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