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David Hyman
Review from David Hyman
34 events 13 reviews

We were promptly checked in and seated. Shelley did an outstanding job on stage as we followed her life story.

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Barbara Schafer
Review from Barbara Schafer
71 events 12 reviews

Not what I was expecting, but pleasantly surprised. Has nothing to do with a hillbilly other than the fact the performer is from Mississippi. Its more about a Jewish girl growing up in the south and telling her life story of how she became a...continued

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Review from steve
43 events 11 reviews

A Jewish Dolly Parten... An Entertaining and poignant evening

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Ginger Giselle Dunst
Review from Ginger Giselle Dunst
22 events 11 reviews

Both of us were wowed by Shelley Fisher's Hebrew Hillbilly show. We didn't know what to expect and decided at the last minute to go since we had heard about the show for 2 years. To our surprise It was intensely powerful hearing her life story and...continued

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Bob Colleary
Review from Bob Colleary
25 events 11 reviews

Musically, the show is a mixed bag. A lot of short and frankly unmemorable songs Shelley Fisher wrote or co-wrote about episodes in her life. One chair, a mic she sometimes sang into and sometimes didn't, and yes the show is 15 minutes too long....continued

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Review from MMM
41 events 11 reviews

Second time I've seen Hebrew Hillbilly, brought a friend. Even better than the first. My friend thoroughly enjoyed the show too. Highly recommend it, catch Hebrew Hillbilly before it moves to a bigger venue!

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Review from DreamWriter
53 events 11 reviews

Shelley Fisher, born Jewish in the South, the Hebrew hillbilly, is dynamite! Great voice, funny, and has some terrific stories to tell. She's backed by award-winning songwriter Ken Hirsch, who underscores her stories and songs brilliantly. I'd...continued

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Cecilia Garcia
Review from Cecilia Garcia
37 events 11 reviews

Shelley really looks like Dolly Patron's twin from another mother. But the show moved quickly and it took me back to my youth. Honestly I could so identify with Shelley, it was a wonderful trip down memory lane. The biggest and most pleasant...continued

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Review from Melanie
29 events 11 reviews

Shelley was phenomenal. What a voice on her! It was a thoroughly enjoyable show and I I highly recommend it for all to see. A fantastic evening!

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Review from MMM
41 events 11 reviews

What a pleasant surprise The Hebrew Hillbilly turned out to be. (A friend dragged me along.) Didn't know what to expect and was delighted with all aspects of the show. Shelley is an amazing talent, a quadruple threat (great singing, writing,...continued

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Review from dmm747
45 events 10 reviews

I felt Shelly's story was uplifting and her performance extremely enthusiastic, however I liked it but did not love it.

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Review from dianamite
29 events 10 reviews

Very clever, witty and touching! Enjoyed this show a lot and recommend it

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Sharon Cohen
Review from Sharon Cohen
16 events 9 reviews

I thought that the story of her life was told beautifully. She is a really good story teller. I enjoyed her music and original songs. I felt she was a real trooper not to cancel the performance since she was suffering from bronchitis. After...continued

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Review from Leslie
20 events 8 reviews

Fabulous and funny. Shelly is so entertaining with her songs and stories. Loved it!

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Big Paulie
Review from Big Paulie
8 events 8 reviews

Great Original Songs!
Shelly was Fantastic, make sure
You see this Show!

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Sheri Albala
Review from Sheri Albala
20 events 8 reviews

I bought these ticket to take my parents and truly did not know what to expect. They enjoy Jewish themed entertainment. Shelly Fisher exceeded any expectations by a mile. Her one woman show was bright, insightful, honest, heartfelt and...continued

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Dotte Antelman
Review from Dotte Antelman
23 events 8 reviews

My husband Don and I Dotte had a wonderful experience with The Hebrew Hillbilly. Shelly tells about her life and sings songs through her memorable story. Her acting and telling is amazing and very enjoyable with beautiful musical accompaniment.

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Review from Leslie
20 events 8 reviews

She is such a talented performer. I like the way she tells her story with songs, both funny and touching. I'm a bit younger than the average age of the audience. I so enjoy seeing her, and have seen her three times! I would def suggest going to...continued

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Sue Correnti
Review from Sue Correnti
14 events 8 reviews

The evening was sensational and the energy of her performance was amazing. Shelly Fishers has turned a life of lemons into lemonade. She gave the audience a view of growing up in Memphis as a little Jewish girl who has over come such great...continued

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Big Paulie
Review from Big Paulie
8 events 8 reviews

What a Great Evening of Music and Story!
The songs that she wrote and performed sounded great!
She earned and standing Ovation at the conclusion and people waitied around to Thank her!!

The story of her life and the struggles were told in such a...continued

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