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Frances Katzenberg-Soss
Review from Frances Katzenberg-Soss
59 events 7 reviews

Excellent performance .. Shelley was entertaining and a real “mensch.” Will recommend to all my friends.

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Review from ed
123 events 7 reviews

Great show....well worth it!!!!!!

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Sheri Albala
Review from Sheri Albala
16 events 7 reviews

I bought these ticket to take my parents and truly did not know what to expect. They enjoy Jewish themed entertainment. Shelly Fisher exceeded any expectations by a mile. Her one woman show was bright, insightful, honest, heartfelt and...continued

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Dr Rhonda Solomon
Review from Dr Rhonda Solomon
17 events 7 reviews

My father and I truly enjoyed ”The Jewish Hillbilly ”. Shelley was extremely entertaining and gracious. Her manager was also quite kind helping my dad up and down the stairs during the show; as well as, assisting with the photos of Shelley with...continued

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Ilona Grippando
Review from Ilona Grippando
19 events 7 reviews

Public parking was across the street 1 dollar for 2 hours. Shelley's singing was great, as I love blues, all around thought the whole experience was fantastic.

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Helen Starlight
Review from Helen Starlight
13 events 7 reviews

Shelley was amazing!! What a great singer and performer !

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Review from Nicholas
21 events 7 reviews

Shelly fully inhabits her role and the additional characters she portrays with good humor and seriousness when called for. She doesn't miss a beat. She keeps you engaged from beginning to end. The songs are the other delight in the show. They are...continued

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Review from Tappy1
15 events 7 reviews

Title was misleading -- thought it would be a parody of a famous book, with a lot of yiddish thrown in. Still, the actor/singer was quite talented and shared her autobiographical experience with song. Suggestion: she does NOT need a mic in that...continued

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Stephen End
Review from Stephen End
30 events 7 reviews

What an enjoyable and thrilling evening listening to Shelvis the Queen of Rock and Roll recant her life story. Shelley was both entertaining and funny with a beautiful Southern voice that was memorable.

If you want an original performance unlike...continued

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Review from MMaxxx
6 events 6 reviews

Amazing story, very uplifting with a valuable life lesson. I recommend to all!

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Review from hp
7 events 6 reviews

Having seen this show before, It just keeps getting better. Added some great new songs, better staging & sound. congrats!

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Sandra M.
Review from Sandra M.
25 events 6 reviews

I had such a blast. I brought family and a friend with me and we laughed and cried and sang along with Shelley and her life story. I love her raspy southern drawl. Such a talented beauty. She's a hoot too. Songs were great, storyline kept me...continued

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Bryna Kimmell
Review from Bryna Kimmell
18 events 6 reviews

It was different but not what I expected.

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Review from Sarah
10 events 6 reviews

It was enetertaining, although I expected something diffrent. The title did not fit.

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Review from trista1debbie
16 events 6 reviews

It was funny. It was touching. It was a GREAT one woman show! I walked out with a a smile on my face. Bravo!

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Rita Hunt
Review from Rita Hunt
8 events 6 reviews

Loved it!!!!! Very touched and inspired by the story and songs by Shelley Fisher. I left feeling very uplifted --Thank You

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Rita Hunt
Review from Rita Hunt
8 events 6 reviews

Outstanding Performance by Shelley Fisher . Uplifting and encouraging to hear her story and songs about overcoming the detours and distractions in her life.

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Rita Hunt
Review from Rita Hunt
8 events 6 reviews

Outstanding Show!!!!
Loved the story of overcoming and the songs touched my soul.

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Review from J
36 events 6 reviews

Performer puts her heart and soul into it

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Review from MMaxxx
6 events 6 reviews

Shelley and the guys are outstanding! This was a great story about the highs and lows of life that everyone can relate to in their own way. The Hebrew Hillbilly is both hilarious and heartfelt - a must see!

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