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Harvey J. Cowen
Review from Harvey J. Cowen
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I was completely blown away by Shelley Fisher's performance! She revealed the joys and sorrows of a young Jewish girl growing up in Memphis TN, with the dream of becoming a great singing star in the footsteps of 'The King', Elvis Presley. Shelley...continued

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Aimee W.
Review from Aimee W.
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I wish I could give this show MORE THAN 5 STARS!! Shelley Fisher certainly deserves it! What a talented and beautiful lady! I seriously laughed, cried, related to her story and felt empowered when I left!! The music had my toes tappin' and my...continued

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Review from Dixon
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I'm a fan of country music and blues and was impressed by seeing the artist on PBS. I'm not Jewish, but looked her up on line and sent a you tube on her to my Jewish friends. I took three guests with me, not the original three Jewish friends I had...continued

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Beth Titus
Review from Beth Titus
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I'm giving it a 3 star because I do admire Shelly for doing what she loves....singing and storytelling. I love when people do what they love. It was a cute show. I was definitely the youngest in the crowd in the audience. The Audience was...continued

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Miguel Roura
Review from Miguel Roura
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It was a wonderful evening of songs and storytelling. Shelly and her ensemble created the musical magic carpet ride that took us on Shelly's poignant and hilarious life experiences. My wife and I laughed and clapped with the audience at these...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was excellent! A wonderful personal story punctuated by upbeat songs as well a poignant ones. Great bits of humor and irony as well as characterizations. Very entertaining!

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Sandy Abouaf
Review from Sandy Abouaf
7 events 1 review

It was fabulous. We took friends they loved
It and we all agreed we wiuld go again when it returns in october great voice should of been a star but glad we had the opportunity

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Sandra Stockton
Review from Sandra Stockton
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It was one of the greatest live shows I've ever seen. Shelley was amazing putting her life out there for everyone to experience it!
I loved, loved it! Shelley Fisher, thank you for being.

Sandra xox

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Review from Bnncpa
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It was truly a spirited, thoroughly enjoyable evening.

"Shelvis" her chosen nickname is a very talented song writer and singer with a large dose of Southern Belle attitude.

She was able to deftly overcome technical problems with the...continued

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Rosa Rosenberg
Review from Rosa Rosenberg
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It's a very good show to see.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It's a wonderful show and not to be missed! Shelley Fisher is a very talented singer and songwriter who engages her audience for an amazing evening of entertainment.

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Jeremiah Stewart
Review from Jeremiah Stewart
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Just wow. This was a spontaneous date night with my wife. Shelley figured out how to get and keep my attention. This performance easily reaches across the age spectrum. Her unparralelled story telling accompanied by her energetic theatrics and...continued

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Aaron Overton
Review from Aaron Overton
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Let me preface this by saying that I don't normally make it out to live theater shows, but I am truly glad that my friend suggested going to see this one with her. The Hebrew Hillbilly is a brilliant show that tells the story of a world traveler...continued

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Matthew Carrico
Review from Matthew Carrico
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Let me start out by saying I've seen this show a number of times. Every time I see it I am blown away by Shelley's courageousness, and by how thoroughly entertained I am.

The Hebrew Hillbilly takes you on a journey through Shelley's life. There...continued

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Judith Cohen Lipson Venters
Review from Judith Cohen Lipson Venters
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Loved the entire show. I felt as though you had watched my life and put it to music. Thank you thank you...Hope to see it again in May....xo

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Nancy Valene
Review from Nancy Valene
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My friends and I had a great time at this show! Shelley is one talented singer and her life story is totally relatable! Go!

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Eric Zurbrugg
Review from Eric Zurbrugg
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My wife and I had a great time at The Hebrew Hillbilly! It made us laugh, sing, and yes, even get a little emotional. It doesn't matter who or what your are. This show connects with anyone who has ever dreamed to be someone or do something. It's...continued

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Paul Garson
Review from Paul Garson
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No doubt "The Hebrew Hillbilly" belongs on an HBO special, because special doesn't come close to Shelley FIsher's bravo performance, a sizzling, poignant, laugh out loud, very up close and personal magic mixture of high voltage vocals seamlessly...continued

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Frank Quaglia
Review from Frank Quaglia
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Performer Shelley Fisher passionately portrays her life's journey with soul and song, hilarity and tenderness, madness and surprise. The more she revealed, the less it became about her -- for she touched something deep inside me -- and from how...continued

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Marlayne Ingram
Review from Marlayne Ingram
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Shelley Fisher entertained from the moment she stepped on stage. This musical is a rivoting, hand-clapping, occasionally tear-inducing incredible dramatic ride. The story captivates as it tells of the true life experiences of Shelley Fisher's life...continued

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