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Ira T.
Review from Ira T.
Red Velvet 151 events 66 reviews

Finally a play about marriage that is neither depressing nor cliche ridden, touching on real issues, as it continually keeps you laughing out loud. Credit writer/ director Jeff Gould with eliciting natural, believable performances from an...continued

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 143 events 65 reviews

Well done and very entertaining...……

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Bernie Konig
Review from Bernie Konig
Red Velvet 80 events 53 reviews

Very funny. Excellent script and acting. All 6 actors were excellent.

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Review from Harriet
Red Velvet 84 events 36 reviews

What an absolute pleasure! I can't remember the last time I laughed so continuously watching a live production. It was a seamless performance. All the actors were excellent, with perfect timing and delivery of all the lines. The story was...continued

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 130 events 22 reviews

Clever writing that had my wife and I laughing hard and feeling the pain of the couples (it resonated). We recommended it to several people who also enjoyed it, even our permanently single middle aged friend. So it is not just for couples.

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matteo solomon
Review from matteo solomon
Red Velvet 19 events 10 reviews

My wife and I enjoyed it very much. Clever plot and well acted. Matt

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LuAnn S
Review from LuAnn S
Red Velvet 44 events 9 reviews

This was one of the best plays I have seen in a long time! It was laugh out loud funny, surprisingly moving and beautifully written and acted. So glad we went - do yourself a favor and order tickets now..

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Review from plazajamesm
Red Velvet 35 events 3 reviews


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Review from baf
135 events 74 reviews

My husband and I thought the premise was so original and worked so well. The actors were all good, but we wondered how the play might’ve been even more terrific if the actors were also. Nonetheless, we’ll-worth the Goldstar cost, and the...continued

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Lily Reeves
Review from Lily Reeves
137 events 52 reviews

Very cute play. Loved the idea behind the script. Well done

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Bette Harris
Review from Bette Harris
41 events 30 reviews

Clever storyline. Fine acting. Witty, humorous, engaging. Fun.

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Review from Cathy
59 events 30 reviews

Fun show-very clever. Everyone was great!

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Review from Spg
48 events 26 reviews

Well acted. Extremely well written.
Great overall

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Judy Beacon Kantor
Review from Judy Beacon Kantor
49 events 23 reviews

Loved the show. There are two actors for each part, so it feels like a new play each time you go. I saw it twice and could easily see it again. Well acted and presented. Very funny with
good messages.

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Robert D.
Review from Robert D.
90 events 23 reviews


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David Levine
Review from David Levine
61 events 22 reviews

The cast did a wonderful job with their roles. We talked about the subject matter afterwards over dinner. Enjoyed it very much.

By the way, there was a flat fee parking lot across the street that was much less than the structure lots if you were...continued

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Hadar Feingold
Review from Hadar Feingold
54 events 18 reviews

I really liked it and the acting was top notch. Very interesting idea for a play and creative. It does have funny parts although it is NOT a comedy. I went in thinking it was a comedy so was slightly disappointed only because that’s what I...continued

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Review from MacDaddy
32 events 17 reviews

Had great time, show was great.

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Susan Nord
Review from Susan Nord
57 events 17 reviews

What a fun, clever, well acted play with meaning. And lots to think about afterward. Wonderful little gem of a theater. You will laugh and have a great experience. Go see it!

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Review from sm958
43 events 15 reviews

A wonderful and very entertaining play about couple and how their past and future collide. Very well written. Very funny and clever dialogue with a great pace. All of the actors were wonderful in their roles.

I highly recommend this...continued

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