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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1161 events 502 reviews

This was a wonderfully uplifting one-man show detailing the life of Paul Robeson. At the end I could barely believe that three hours had gone by in a flash. If you have any chance do not miss this play.

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Steven Mark
Review from Steven Mark
Red Velvet 360 events 130 reviews

Unbelievable. I knew I would enjoy the subject matter. Had no idea how powerful a play this would be. The quality of the play was matched by the quality of the performance.

Strongly recommend this to anyone. Partcularly if you like Paul Robson....continued

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Dean Mancina
Review from Dean Mancina
Red Velvet 127 events 71 reviews

Amazing story, performance, and show. Really unique evening of theater shared with the rest of the audience in the intimate venue. Actor talked with the audience afterwards and answered questions, etc. I highly recommend this show if you have...continued

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Review from Dev
Red Velvet 118 events 44 reviews

EXCELLENT all the way around--except parking...

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Barbara Friedman
Review from Barbara Friedman
Red Velvet 88 events 39 reviews

It was ok. The actor really over acted a lot which was so unnecessary. Play was too long.

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Review from tonivb
Red Velvet 50 events 7 reviews

A riveting one-man play, enhanced by the intimate setting of the Santa Monica Playhouse. Stogie Kenyatta gave a brilliant performance as Paul Robeson. I left the theater feeling like I truly knew the man and his inspiring (and sometimes...continued

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Ron Lyster
Review from Ron Lyster
Red Velvet 8 events 3 reviews

Very interesting history - things I didn't know about Paul Robeson. Some parts were a bit over-acted, over-repeated, and overly loud. I do feel that I left knowing (or at least thinking I knew) why Robeson did some of the things he did. Wish...continued

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Happy Baking
Review from Happy Baking
Red Velvet 17 events 2 reviews

Amazing acting. He put so much into his performance. We were very impressed with his ability to switch characters constantly and act with such conviction, without ever tiring for a three hour show! And we learned a ton about an important man in...continued

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Chris Lund
Review from Chris Lund
Red Velvet 28 events 2 reviews

Entertaining and informative - one of my favorite combos!

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John W Boland
Review from John W Boland
134 events 102 reviews

GREAT ACTOR---GREAT SHOW! This may have been the last performance at this theater, I'm not sure. Next time it is performed, go see it if you want to see great acting and a well written play about a famous performer!

But, don't expect to hear...continued

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Brad R
Review from Brad R
153 events 95 reviews

A wonderfully poignant presentation of a major personality in U.S. 20th Century history that includes details not heard anywhere else.

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Review from jpies
437 events 80 reviews

Show was almost three hours long, and no singing. However, acting was excellent, and tells a fascinating story.

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Review from baf
141 events 78 reviews

Adorable little theatre--convenient to lots of places to eat & parking lots close by. Small, intimate theatre, surprisingly comfortable seats for such a long play. Stogie Kenyatta was amazing--2+ hr. 1-man performance a tour de force, but play...continued

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Latia Hedgeman
Review from Latia Hedgeman
186 events 72 reviews

Awesome talented actor. I really enjoyed the performance. I wish there was a intermission or at least a warning before seating because the show was two hours long. It was so enthralling, I could not leave my seat for a restroom break. I was...continued

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Mia Forbes
Review from Mia Forbes
130 events 71 reviews

Thoughtful, entertaining, well done. Would have liked to hear more of the music but the story is so interesting, the message so powerful, it wasn't necessary. Long play, almost 3 hours including 15 min intermission and timely talk at the end - put...continued

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Review from Deanne
156 events 48 reviews

It was excellent!!!

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Nancy Arnheim
Review from Nancy Arnheim
86 events 46 reviews

well done, but a bit long

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Maxine Brooks
Review from Maxine Brooks
84 events 45 reviews

wonderful! learned about an amazing person! and from such a talented performer!

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Theresa Morrison
Review from Theresa Morrison
81 events 41 reviews

OMG, this was an amazing performance!!! I took a graduating high school senior who was impressed not only by the authentic delivery but also by the ironic twist during the post commentary by the actor. He said that Paul Robeson was a mentor to...continued

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Review from Harriet
86 events 36 reviews

Absolutely fabulous! Don't miss this wonderful performance about the very special story of Paul Robeson's life. I knew of him only as a singer and was moved to learn all about his many accomplishments and contributions, as well as his trials and...continued

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