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Review from Brenda
55 events 32 reviews

I have mixed feelings. I wanted to see this performance for a longtime. In attending, I was one of 10 in the theatre, including the video/camera man and spouse. The performance was just okay. The doors did not open until 5-6 minutes before show...continued

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Review from Anne
42 events 31 reviews

I love this little intimate theater, especially for one person shows. This show was good, though just a tad long. However, I learned so much about Paul Robeson that I didn't know. What an extraordinary man, against all odds.
I think this...continued

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Review from Anne
42 events 31 reviews

This was a true tour deforce. I think everybody should see the show it is so thought-provoking. We could learn so much from the past, but will we?

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Bette Harris
Review from Bette Harris
41 events 30 reviews

I enjoyed learning about the life of the amazing Paul Robeson. Tremendous energy and dedication went into this production. Would have preferred more of a focus on Robeson's career and years of activism later in life. Also, actor had a very...continued

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Review from JT
56 events 29 reviews

Excellent production ! I was captured from the opening scene to the final goodbye. This show must be extended for more to enjoy and to gain a better appreciation for the life that was Paul Robeson.

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Review from LDM
67 events 25 reviews

After having seen two other performances about Mr. Robeson, this was a let down.

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Review from jrouzan3
61 events 24 reviews

...just a bit long without an intermission.

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Keith Davis
Review from Keith Davis
52 events 23 reviews

Forgot I had bought a ticket. Kicking myself in the ass.

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Judy Beacon Kantor
Review from Judy Beacon Kantor
50 events 23 reviews

This performance was wonderfully performed and historically relevant.

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Romy Taylor
Review from Romy Taylor
39 events 18 reviews

From what I've read, there was some truth to the allegations that Robeson had CP ties. But it's tragic that his life was wrecked because of his beliefs. This was a beautiful one-man production, with lots of variation from humor to drama.

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Review from Margaret
27 events 18 reviews

This one-man show had the "bones" of greatness so it was sadly disappointing. The playwright and actor, Stogie Kenyatta, was an amazing, powerful performer but the play suffered from poor to no stage direction, poor set dressing and a running time...continued

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Marilyn D. Green
Review from Marilyn D. Green
69 events 18 reviews

This was an excellent 1 man play the acting was wonderful. I also ejoyed this theater.

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An Evening Out
Review from An Evening Out
47 events 17 reviews

Powerful performance.

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Julie G.
Review from Julie G.
46 events 16 reviews

What a show! I went knowing a tiny bit about Paul Robeson, and left feeling like I've known him forever. This show is educational and eye-opening. The performance itself was phenomenal. You will not believe you are at a one man show ... you'll...continued

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Marianne Fullove
Review from Marianne Fullove
42 events 15 reviews

Inspiring and educational performance by an amazing actor.

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Sondra Roberts
Review from Sondra Roberts
98 events 14 reviews

One Man, doing a excellent job, telling us about a great All American - Black Man's life.

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Malaika Tawasufi
Review from Malaika Tawasufi
27 events 12 reviews

Parking was easy. The performance was good. I saw Avery Brooks perform the same one man show in Westwood about 20 years ago and I was more impressed by his performance. Overall it was a nice evening out.

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Ann V Stewart
Review from Ann V Stewart
21 events 11 reviews

The show was captivating from the first line of this fine actor. He took us from the five year old Paul to the old age of Paul Robeson. We find out not only about his great achievements, but about the family he came from and the integrity that...continued

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Review from Ladydrj
19 events 10 reviews

what an incredible portrayal of PAUL ROBESON... the audience was treated to a spell binding intimate and authentic portrayal of this amazing man.

This show should be on a MAIN STAGE for all to see....MARK TAPER ETC.

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Review from Ildiko
51 events 9 reviews

Fascinating script/sloppy production. The elegance of Paul Robeson seemed absent. During the post-performance discussion, the actor talked a lot about the plight of Jews during the WWII era yet failed to mention current police brutality and “Black...continued

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