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Review from Ladydrj
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what an incredible portrayal of PAUL ROBESON... the audience was treated to a spell binding intimate and authentic portrayal of this amazing man.

This show should be on a MAIN STAGE for all to see....MARK TAPER ETC.

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Review from Ildiko
51 events 9 reviews

Fascinating script/sloppy production. The elegance of Paul Robeson seemed absent. During the post-performance discussion, the actor talked a lot about the plight of Jews during the WWII era yet failed to mention current police brutality and “Black...continued

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Review from mari311
15 events 8 reviews

Good, but could have been better. Music was only in the background.

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Kevin M
Review from Kevin M
24 events 8 reviews

This show told me much more about the man, his upbringing, marriage, and political life than I could have imagined. The actor was superb and very entertaining. The venue was small and intimate. I even had a few tears flow from my eyes. A must see...continued

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LaVonda Bailey
Review from LaVonda Bailey
21 events 7 reviews

I have seen many Productions of Paul Roberson's life and this has to be the all-time worst. First it was 20 minutes late starting and then the actor was terrible. He continually flubbed his lines, at one point he took off his shirt and was on the...continued

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Paul Daniel Knopf
Review from Paul Daniel Knopf
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I've been on goldstar for years and I think this is my first review. Please see this. More than amazing acting, a testimony to American history. I learned so much.

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Cathy Victoria
Review from Cathy Victoria
8 events 7 reviews

INCREDIBLE! EDUCATIONAL! INSIGHTFUL! ENTERTAINING! SPELLBINDING! MOVING! BRILLIANT! GENIUS! I seriously can't say enough good things about this production. Extremely well-written and expertly performed! I'll definitely see it again and bring more...continued

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Clare Curley
Review from Clare Curley
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It started 10 mins. late but it was worth the wait. It was amazing. The actor transformed himself and made us believe in every character. The end was a little abrupt. Paul Robeson and his wife going back to America on a boat, the end. I would...continued

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Dora R Sher
Review from Dora R Sher
13 events 6 reviews

Amazing performance. He's energetic, expressive and entertaining all at once. This is the 2nd time I saw it, and it was just as good as the first!

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Dora R Sher
Review from Dora R Sher
13 events 6 reviews

Amazing play, amazing performance. Wonderful post-play presentation. Great Audience too!

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Winchell Earl
Review from Winchell Earl
25 events 6 reviews

Excellent. Well done. My first one-person show and am amaze of the realism in the portrayal of many characters. Also, very educational for African-American history.

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Review from mytheater
29 events 5 reviews

Hearing the story of Robeson's life in Kenyatta's powerful performance gives me the hope that every citizen who makes his voice heard has the power to help change the world and correct the injustices we face. We all need to raise our voices today...continued

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Curti Johnson
Review from Curti Johnson
25 events 4 reviews

Amazing breath talking performance an absolute must see event! WOW!!!!!!!!!

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Ron Brewington
Review from Ron Brewington
24 events 4 reviews

SUPER, SUPER emotional performance!!!

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Ivy Harrell
Review from Ivy Harrell
9 events 4 reviews

The playwright did excellent in his portrayal of Paul Robeson, but the performance was way too long. Three hours! A little less theatrics would have cut down the time. But overall, K thought it was very food. I learned a lot about Mr. Robeson and...continued

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Paula Brynen
Review from Paula Brynen
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The Santa Monica Playhouse was a terrific find but this play was not very good. The story of Paul Robeson is very interesting and I’ll probably do some research to learn more about him. Unfortunately the actor yelled most of the time and the...continued

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Review from Mari
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I drove all the way from Hesperia CA and it was so well worth it!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Stogie Kenyatta was masterful. I was very touched, and would love to see his One-Man-Show about Paul Robeson again. I have highly recommended it to family & friends. It was stunning synchronicity to be told about Goldstar last Wednesday, check...continued

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Review from Gordonv
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The actor was terrific and the story compelling.

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Diane Oliver
Review from Diane Oliver
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The performance was inspirational. Great details served to paint a wonderful picture of the life of a truly ingenious and compassionate actor and civil rights advocates. Thank you for the presentation

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