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Review from bravo
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brilliant performance ,,beautifully written depiction of paul robeson..bravo bravo

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Review from arfjakson
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Absolutely Amazing!

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Review from Mims
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Amazing acting, touching portrayal of a true American hero and icon. The play was educational, emotional, and inspirational!

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Tommy Knox
Review from Tommy Knox
27 events 2 reviews

best ever one man and history show!

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Judi Harriet Lirman
Review from Judi Harriet Lirman
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Excellent! Intense and powerful! This man speaks the truth!

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Review from ewmoore
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Great performance, nice cozy venue!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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If you want to learn something about the life of Paul Robeson than stay home and watch the documentary. Mr. Kenyatta seems passionate about telling the story of Paul Robeson but unfortunately, there were just so many things wrong with the...continued

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Review from dclay2
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It takes quite an amazing person to carry a one-man act and this actor did not disappoint. Would recommend this show to others. Seating at venue was a little cramped.

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Roennia Williams
Review from Roennia Williams
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Magnificent! Brilliant! a Mastepiece about a GREAT man in our America culture and history. The actor/ writer was amazingly believable! A MUST see!!! I Absolutely LOVED IT!

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Review from C
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The acting was bad and it was incredibly long.

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Bettina Mc
Review from Bettina Mc
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The venue was intimate. Not a bad seat in the house. Stogie put everything into this performance. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was such a learning experience. I have started my own research on Paul Robeson.

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Review from ptavrow
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Truly a memorable evening. The actor gives it his all, and we enjoyed learning about Paul Robeson, who is much less well-known than other major civil rights leaders. My mother felt it was the best play she had seen in the past decade!

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Tracy Lambert
Review from Tracy Lambert
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Any actor who can remember that many lines alone and who can cry on command is talented beyond belief! And the actor's knowledge and passion for the hero's life work and story was so compelling. And what an educational and insightful glimpse into...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Excellent would recommend for all ages .

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Fascinating man, that paul Robeson. He came to life in this wonderful production

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Mi-Ling McFall
Review from Mi-Ling McFall
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Great show! Good energy! Learned some things about Paul Robeson that I didn't know before. Really nice venue and Kenyatta was really good. What I love most was the connection he made Paul Robeson and Obama...that connection and the nexus he...continued

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Review from LLT
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I enjoyed this excellent performance of Paul Robeson's life. I recommend it to the young and old.

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Gloria Mellion
Review from Gloria Mellion
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I was mesmerized! I enjoyed it completely. Mr Kenyatta is the “real deal”! I wish every person alive would go to see this play, it’s that important/impressive!

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Review from IAMTHERE
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Jocelyne Kepler
Review from Jocelyne Kepler
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Stogie Kenyatta does an amazing job depicting the life of Paul Robeson! His performance is amazing. His two hours solo role is awe inspiring! I thouroughly enjoyed the play and left very impressed by this performance!

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