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Mirna Marin
Review from Mirna Marin
32 events 3 reviews

Such a touching story, told with a lot of humor. I found that I could relate to this person's situation and it gave me hope for a more meaningful relationship in the future.

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Lisa G.
Review from Lisa G.
12 events 3 reviews

These small shows can be hit or miss but this one is definitely a hit! Josh is so engaging, naturally funny and his attitude is so inspiring. I love how he engages with the crowd and takes questions at the end. He's a natural at what he does...continued

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Review from WilliamHenderson
12 events 3 reviews

This show was touchingly, hysterical and awe-inspiring! Josh is a remarkable comic, and exquisite performer who had us in stitches, laughing out loud! At times, our laughter was so uncontrollable, it got to the point of embarrassment! Josh is an...continued

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Perla Bodden
Review from Perla Bodden
4 events 2 reviews

Amazing, energetic, and uplifting show. We came out of the show with a different perspective on life- highly recommend watching the show and reading the books. I got my signed copy at the event! Go Watch This!

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Hillary Bernstein
Review from Hillary Bernstein
11 events 2 reviews

Awesome. Have been recommending this to all our friends.

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Review from April
4 events 2 reviews

Great guy, great show, I recommend it. HOWEVER! The description is misleading. It implies he shares the stories of everyone who rejected him. In the play, he only shares three stories of women with whom he had quasi-dating experiences and they...continued

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Lili Hodis
Review from Lili Hodis
7 events 2 reviews

he is funny, real, adorable, worth seeing

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Elizabeth Hoved
Review from Elizabeth Hoved
3 events 2 reviews

I loved this show! Josh has a wonderful sense of humor and is perfect on stage. This show is entertaining and engaging, even my boyfriend who I dragged along to the show with me LOVED it ! So glad I made the choice to watch his show ?⭐️??

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Review from Stacey
10 events 2 reviews

Insightful, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud funny. What the world needs right now. Do yourself a favor and hit this show.

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Review from Patty
17 events 2 reviews

I’ve seen this show three times and it gets better and better. Josh is funny, honest, vulnerable and allows us to learn and laugh with him
On his journey. Highly recommended. Tell your friends and family....I did!

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Review from Patty
17 events 2 reviews

This is the second time I’ve seen Thus. Josh is spontaneous and witty and makes us feel good about being true to self; I brought my daughter the second time and she’s going to bring her boyfriend on the 17th. Highly recommended! Patty

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Daniela Pompeu
Review from Daniela Pompeu
10 events 2 reviews

Witty and heartwarming!!! Go you will love it.

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Review from ehorrocks
5 events 1 review

2 hours of hilarious, engaging fun! Brought the whole fam, ages 13/18/20/40/44 & we all enjoyed the show. Highly recommend!

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Kriszta Quick
Review from Kriszta Quick
25 events 1 review

?? ????

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

[laughing emoji] [100 emoji] [repeat emoji]

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Brianna McCarthy
Review from Brianna McCarthy
23 events 1 review

A fun Friday night. It was funny and heartwarming. Get there early to enjoy the pre-show snacks and Instagram chats.

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Susan Schaffer
Review from Susan Schaffer
6 events 1 review

A genuine voice for a change.

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carolyn Katsufrakis
Review from carolyn Katsufrakis
37 events 1 review

A must see! Great show!!!

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Marcia Hoak
Review from Marcia Hoak
4 events 1 review

Every word entertaining and thoughtful with humor that speaks to your inner soul and is soul-searching. Excellent! I want to see this again!

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Jenni Silberstein
Review from Jenni Silberstein
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