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Rachel Gehlhar
Review from Rachel Gehlhar
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Fun night! Good humor for a wide-ranging crowd. Not only does he engagingly express humorous anecdotes from his life, but his rawness and vulnerability enables the audience to really connect with him. From this connection sparks a renewed outlook...continued

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Review from Mary
33 events 1 review

Great funny show!!

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Robert Dowling
Review from Robert Dowling
1 event 1 review

He is great. I have already recommend the show to several friends

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Janice Chua
Review from Janice Chua
4 events 1 review

Heartfelt and humorous.
I really appreciate Josh hanging out with the audience after the show!

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Hye Jeong Yoon
Review from Hye Jeong Yoon
8 events 1 review

Here ya go Josh. A review in emoji’s.
??? (And of course it comes out as question marks. Appropriate)
If you don’t have the latest iOS, here are the emoji’s: angel baby, lol face, in love face.
If you saw the show then you know what I’m talking...continued

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Nancy Ly
Review from Nancy Ly
10 events 1 review

It’s what you hope live comedy will be. I highly recommend this show!

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Review from J
2 events 1 review

Josh put on a great show and his interaction with the audience was fun!

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Review from RachelSA
23 events 1 review

Josh was brilliant! So open and generous in sharing his hysterical stories with us. Truly a person that has learned the power of laughing at the hardships in his life. I haven't had such an entertaining Friday evening in a long time.

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Ally Siegel
Review from Ally Siegel
2 events 1 review

My husband and I went to Josh's show last weekend and from the moment we sat down Josh had us laughing. This is a MUST see show!!! We loved it so much, we would go back. I now follow Josh on social media and I am so excited to see what he'll do...continued

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Moshe abramovici
Review from Moshe abramovici
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Daniel Humphreys
Review from Daniel Humphreys
1 event 1 review

Really enjoyable show, funny anecdotes, great stage presence, came from a recommendation that we're glad we got and will pass it on, thanks!

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Review from Dacbo
5 events 1 review

terrific show, Josh was hilarious

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Margarita DiFraia
Review from Margarita DiFraia
35 events 1 review

The show was great! Josh shares his journey about how he found himself and love by just realizing how amazing he was from the beginning. His story takes your heart away.

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Ted Weitzman
Review from Ted Weitzman
3 events 1 review

This play is absolutely hilarious. I mean laugh out loud funny. I went here with someone on a second date, after looking at stuff to do online and planning our night out. So going was kind of based on the premise and not much more than a whim. ...continued

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Jessie Thompson
Review from Jessie Thompson
1 event 1 review

This show was amazing. Josh was so funny. This show was personal and interactive. Definitely a must see. We were cracking up the whole time!

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Review from CR
4 events 1 review

Very cute, wasn’t sure what to expect but ended up loving it!

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Bette Baker
Review from Bette Baker
1 event 1 review

Very Funny and touching but not in a cheesy way. I was completely charmed and entertained by Josh.

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Trevor Edmunds
Review from Trevor Edmunds
2 events 1 review

Want hilarious comedy, a story of self through finding love, and an inspiring context to reflect on life and meaning? Then see this show. This guy is seriously funny and his story is 100% life-affirming. Couldn't recommend a show more. Very...continued

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Saeid Mashal
Review from Saeid Mashal
3 events 1 review

What a delight! Josh was an incredible entertainer -- charm and wit to no end. A remarkable story with many relatable moments. I highly recommend everyone to attend this show.

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