Steve byrne 920
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Review from Carolyn
60 events 14 reviews

Good club for seeing comedy.

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Review from imesh
59 events 11 reviews

Great performance, funny and hits the spot in many topics

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Review from Lisa
22 events 10 reviews

Steve was surprisingly hysterical!

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Patricia Sechan
Review from Patricia Sechan
34 events 9 reviews

I loved him and would definitely go see him again!

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Review from Annie
14 events 9 reviews

I saw him on Comedy Central, he was great!! But HE IS GREATER in person. Funny as hell and have all new material. Very smart guy! Must be because he is half Asian!! lol

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Review from TOM
23 events 7 reviews

A lot of bad words but really funny!! I would see him again!

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Maureen Swiertz
Review from Maureen Swiertz
36 events 7 reviews

Great night out! Love Steve Byrne and really nice venue! I'll definitely be back!

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Review from Lisa
15 events 7 reviews

This guy was hilarious! Even the opening acts were great!

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Kathleen H.
Review from Kathleen H.
8 events 6 reviews

Thought he put on a great show - very funny - enjoyed the big finale! The 2 openers were OK, but you could definitely tell who was more polished. An enjoyable night all around and a GREAT venue - really comfortable, good food & not cramped like...continued

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Review from Vinyante
20 events 5 reviews

It was hilarious! A fan of Steve Byrne, so I already knew what to expect, but it went beyond anything I expected. :) A great time and I can't wait til he comes back.

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Jane Kimberly Kim
Review from Jane Kimberly Kim
9 events 5 reviews

It was one of the best nights of my life! Hilarious man. I had watched his Byrne Identity HBO special and he repeated some jokes but more than 95% of them were new and he even took a request from an audience member which I thought was extremely...continued

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Review from munchkn14
6 events 4 reviews

My favorite comedian! I watched his first comedy central special too many times to count so when I found out about the 2nd I bought tickets to see him and pre-ordered the DVD! I haven't watched the DVD yet because I wanted to see him live first. I...continued

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Review from zelepugas
20 events 3 reviews

Funniest Comedian you may not have heard of. Steve will make you laugh gauranteed and he will give you something to think about every time you eat macaroni and cheese. I love this guy!!

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Robert Dahlen
Review from Robert Dahlen
12 events 3 reviews

Great man and comedian,Great Show,

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Review from Medconslt
8 events 3 reviews

It was not what we expected. We laughed so hard when he was on the tube but in person, he was filth

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Review from Eliya
13 events 3 reviews

One of the BEST stand-up comedians I have ever seen. Laughed so hard I was in pain!!!!

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Review from Gino
4 events 3 reviews

The show was absolutely hilarious, Steves opening guy was pretty funny too. This was my first time seeing him live, and the 3 others i went with had never even heard of him, we laughed the whole time. The Improv Schaumburg is big enough to seat a...continued

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Josh Barrie
Review from Josh Barrie
12 events 3 reviews

This entire SHOW was hilarious! Even the opening act was funny! Ryan Dalton, who tours with Steve, is also a VERY funny guy! Steve Byrne, of course, is a riot. My face hurt afterwards! My girlfriend loved it, too. I'd recommend this show to...continued

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Kim Stoltz
Review from Kim Stoltz
4 events 2 reviews

Love Steve! Wouldn't miss his show! Had a blast!

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Review from NDF
4 events 2 reviews

Steve Byrne and his opening acts were hilarious. I absolutely loved it!! My favorite part was the boy band "Mantastic" - too much!

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