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Review from Jannie
45 events 29 reviews

Laugh Out Loud is one of our VERY FAVORITE Comedy Clubs in the area. They really mean what they say...the talented improv team really doea make everyone laugh OUT LOUD! We prefer the later show as the earlier show is family friendly...so...continued

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Review from peecee
55 events 28 reviews

Attended the Sat 7:30 show. The only thing we laughed at was how 'unfunny' it was. Left at intermission. Will not recommend this show to anyone I like!!! Also, don't be surprised when they tell you to cough up $5/ea for drinks. No big deal,...continued

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Dianna Cload
Review from Dianna Cload
39 events 21 reviews

It was a ok show. Loved the place Small and get involoved in the inprov easy. Prices are cheap Can't beat the price I am not sure I like inprov.

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Harry Bloom
Review from Harry Bloom
29 events 20 reviews

It was okay; easy venue and good parking. Show was only moderately funny and sometimes a bit lame.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
52 events 20 reviews

this is Chuck E Cheese - they allow (encourage) adults to bring their kids to these shows. They call them mini-adults, not kidding. while standing in the hall waiting for the show to start, 6 screaming 9 year olds came screaming into the hall, i...continued

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Joan Futterman
Review from Joan Futterman
48 events 20 reviews

Very funny. We did laugh out loud.

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Barbara Ross
Review from Barbara Ross
34 events 18 reviews

Seen this talented troupe a coupe of time. They are always good.

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Barbara Ross
Review from Barbara Ross
34 events 18 reviews

The 9:30 show was much more adult oriented. It was very crowded, as opposed to the 7:30 show, to which I had been previously. The show was very funny and quite entertaining.

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Pam Suhr
Review from Pam Suhr
50 events 17 reviews

Fun to take my inlaws to a live show. The guys worked very hard and it was overall a fun night.

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Mina Hwangbo
Review from Mina Hwangbo
37 events 16 reviews

Located above a storefront in the tough Streets (of Woodfield ;) area... it belongs in a more divey area in Chicago... authentic to a comedy school maybe, the Improv its not. Snacks are skimpy cold popcorn and food is like off a little league menu.

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Sue Knudsen
Review from Sue Knudsen
17 events 13 reviews

Loved it. The improv players were amazing, and the show was a lot of fun.

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Review from ARG
31 events 13 reviews

The improv players tried hard but I found them more silly than funny. I think this kind of humor is more for grade school kids and teenagers.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
44 events 13 reviews

We had a wonderful Girls Night out.
Many laughs to share.

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Review from jsmith_tweets
16 events 12 reviews

Casual place and not too big. Food and drinks reasonable. Very accommodating and will go out of their way for you! Show isn't the best comedy I've seen, but good for the price. I'd go back again.

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Diane Turnbull
Review from Diane Turnbull
25 events 12 reviews

The venue was small, but intimate. We were right in the front row and could almost touch the comedians. The show was pretty good throughout, but really ended with a great improv. Made our night. It's well worth the admission. Would go again...continued

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Review from Marvin
13 events 11 reviews

good family fun--the comedians kept you entertained

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Jennifer Howard-Marton
Review from Jennifer Howard-Marton
24 events 11 reviews

Great time!

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Review from Margaret
60 events 11 reviews

I did not think it was a family show but it was good

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Review from Dale
20 events 11 reviews

I've never been to a comedy club before. I had a date, and wanted to do something different than the dinner and a movie thing. This was alot of fun! We had a great time. For slightly more than a movie, thru Goldstar, this was a great nite out....continued

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Mike Zhilev
Review from Mike Zhilev
13 events 11 reviews

IMprov ...

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