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Review from billyhuh
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it wasn't too bad but it wasn't anything to go enjoy.
there were a lot of awkward silences...i'm no expert and i understand that that's what improv is but it just felt a little amateurish. there was one guy who was good, another guy who wasn't...continued

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Review from Saggia
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It's a small location; the show went went. The four comedians were pretty good at doing their job w/out coming off cheesy. There were some kids in the audience that wanted to dominate the show by way of suggestions. When the comedians saw this...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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It's worth a good laugh at a great price. This was our second time attending Laugh Out Loud and we went to the 7:30 show. Little did I know when I purchased the tickets that the 7:30 show is the family show and the 9:30 show is the adult show. ...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Laughed a lot during the entire performance. Will definitely return for more.

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Tony Buntjer
Review from Tony Buntjer
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Lol was great. 2nd time seeing a show.Will go again.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Lots of laughs. Great audience interaction. Performers were having fun.

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Cassandra Felke
Review from Cassandra Felke
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My brother and his family came in to town for the weekend, and I was looking for something fun to do with all of the kids. This was perfect! My nephew even got called up on stage; this is very interactive with the audience. We will definitely be...continued

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Review from Laurielwags
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My friend and I went to the 9:30 show on Friday, it was worth it. The 4 comedians were very good at what they did. They were quick witted and worked hard. We laughed a lot! They got the audience involved and the show ended way to quickly.

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Review from nm0429
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Debra Miller
Review from Debra Miller
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Out of the four actors only one was funny! Colleen was great. I have been to comedy sports and Laugh out Loud isn't even close to being as funny as they are. I was quite disappointed. They seemed unrehearsed and kept stumbling. I would have to...continued

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Review from Diana5241
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Performers were great! Not ever skit was a home run, but if you've seen improv before, you expect that. Overall there were many creative skits and I was really impressed. Seating is first come/ first serve, but the lobby is REALLY small and at...continued

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Review from blackubar
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Pretty good improv! Next time I'll hit the later show though.

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Review from alticejan
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Really enjoyed the energy this place had. My guests thought the later show would have been more appropriate for us. I thought these guys tried very hard to make it a very enjoyable family experience. I was not expecting to pay any more money at...continued

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Jessie Perrino
Review from Jessie Perrino
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Show was great. Attended the later of the two and it was defiantly more adult oriented. The cast was made up of 4 individuals and they make you laugh the whole time. I would defiantly go again.

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Jenifer McGuire
Review from Jenifer McGuire
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Super fun...lots of laughs & definitely worth the ticket price!!!

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Review from 908Paulette
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the 1st half was slow and not really funny
but after the intermission the improv players were very funny with the material they were given from the audience

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Review from Me
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the actors tried, though it just wasn't that funny. my party included 5 others and collectively we didn't enjoy the experience

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The audience was primarily adolescents and younger children with their parents, with very few mature adults or couples present.. The actors/actresses geared their improv, appropriately so, to their given primary audience, As mature adults, the...continued

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Yelena Rier
Review from Yelena Rier
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The food is terrible.

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Joseph Vitale
Review from Joseph Vitale
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The four comedians up on stage were very good. I paid $6:00 each for me and my wife , but if I would have paid full price($19.50pp) I don't feel I would be getting my monies worth !!!!!

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