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Don Wilson
Review from Don Wilson
23 events 11 reviews

There were 3 men and a woman. This was true improv where they pulled audience suggestions and created routines incorporating the suggestions. I was a very fun night. We absolutely would return! BTW, we attended the Sat 9:30pm show. Unlike...continued

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Review from ewegner
24 events 9 reviews

Always a good time! Small venue with plenty of interaction available for all guests. Decent snacks and drinks for reasonable prices.

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Maurice Coney
Review from Maurice Coney
22 events 9 reviews

Had a great time..made for a wonderful compliment to my evening while out!

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Imo Akpan
Review from Imo Akpan
14 events 9 reviews

Incredibly funny! Excellent show.

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gary schneider
Review from gary schneider
16 events 9 reviews

This is a casual, fun evening. We attended the family-friendly show and, while the sketches were unevenly funny, overall had a really good time.

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Patricia Sechan
Review from Patricia Sechan
33 events 9 reviews

This was a great improv group - one of the best I've seen locally.

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Review from Bkorobkin
15 events 8 reviews

A good time was had!!
Nice change of pace in the suburbs.

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Karan B
Review from Karan B
18 events 8 reviews

Comedians were great. They often got audience involved in the sketch. This is family friendly place, so there were lots of kids in the audience when we went. Food is decent too.

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Arturo Vega
Review from Arturo Vega
21 events 8 reviews

First time at this venue went to the 9:30 show.
The venue is small but it was enjoyable. Drinks and finger food were priced OK. We did enjoy the show quite a few skit for the most part it was funny. But that is how Improv work. Overall we had a...continued

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Review from jsevd2001
17 events 8 reviews

I have been to the Improv several times, and always for the 9.30 PM show. Always enjoyed myself and had a fun time. However, this time I went to the 7.30 PM "all ages" show (unknowingly) and it was a complete bore. We walked out at...continued

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Bruce Sharon, M.D.
Review from Bruce Sharon, M.D.
34 events 8 reviews

Slightly uneven, as any improv. Generally entertaining.

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Review from RB
27 events 8 reviews

The actors did a great job. However, as it is a very interactive show, the maturity of the audience influenced it greatly. The whole show had to be tailored to young audience... We went to a 7:30pm show on Saturday, which apparently draws a...continued

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Christine Reddick
Review from Christine Reddick
32 events 8 reviews

The event was good but I wasn't happy with the seating. Too much commotion when people were trying to get seated...a little unorganized

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Review from jsevd2001
17 events 8 reviews

This was the 3rd time we attended a show and it was the least favorite of the three.

We were seated in the rear section and had a large bachelorette party seated in front of us who were extremely annoying and yelling out the whole time (not...continued

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Review from alicia
25 events 8 reviews

We tried to really like this comedy show but it was really so unprofessional. Unfortunately we didn't realize the early show was for children and families so the material was geared towards that audience. We'll stick with Second City for our comedy.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 7 reviews

Good talented performance. Good value for small local venue. Room can feel a little snug but everyone still had room to move. Bar service was good and the staff was welcoming.

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Review from Melissa
17 events 7 reviews

It is casual, but fun. I would recommend it to anyone. The early show is especially good for teenagers, as it is clean and something different for them to do!

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Don Krist
Review from Don Krist
14 events 6 reviews

Had a surprise 20th b-day party for my daughter. There were 14 of us and everybody loved it. Only my wife and I had attended this comedy club before Friday night. I know we will all be going back shortly.

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Mike Tobin
Review from Mike Tobin
15 events 6 reviews

All ages show limited the improv. It was good. We laughed, but not as funny.

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Susan Joy Meyers
Review from Susan Joy Meyers
13 events 6 reviews