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Sandy Meloy
Review from Sandy Meloy
28 events 5 reviews

Unfortuantely, I was not able to attend this performance but the other members of the party had a wonderful time. They were celebrating my daughter's 14th birthday and the performers included my daughter in one the skits. She thought it was great...continued

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Rachel E.
Review from Rachel E.
41 events 5 reviews

Very funny!

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Review from Sandy
10 events 5 reviews

Very, very good show. Would recommend it to everyone.

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Review from deniz
12 events 5 reviews

We laughed, which was the point, so no complaints there. Cast was talented, though a little unevenly so, or at least some took longer to "warm up" than others. Material was supposedly geared for adult audiences, but improv being what it is,...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 5 reviews

We went to a Friday 7:30 show with our teenaged kids. We all had a great time and they can't wait to go back.

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Review from dankupski
9 events 4 reviews

Had a great time, the entire Friday evening was fun and full of laughs. Plan to bring friends in the future

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Review from e_rogowski
16 events 4 reviews

Had a lot of fun with the bf and another couple! Drinks were tasty and stiff as well as cheap so that helps with the mandatory $5 purchase which can also be spent on food. Went to the 9:30PM show on a Saturday and it was completely packed. It's...continued

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Donna M
Review from Donna M
18 events 4 reviews

I found this to be pretty lame and contrived. Only one skit made me laugh. Food drinks were very well priced.

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Review from bmonroe
8 events 4 reviews

Kids, kids ,kids and kids. wall to wall kids. screaming suggestions, running to and from the popcorn machine to fill up every 8 minutes. Rude parents of these kids who cut in line and bring their kids in front to get sodas (free refills). Go...continued

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Deb Mig
Review from Deb Mig
11 events 4 reviews

Show was okay. Dragged a little at times. Room is good for viewing from any location. Food nothing special but okay. I would give it a second chance in case it was just an off night.

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Review from iamgoldstar
21 events 4 reviews

Some parts funnier than others. For the $5 minimum food/drink purchase, you pay up front when you get your tickets and get credit slips to use at the bar.

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mike Hix
Review from mike Hix
10 events 4 reviews

Started out a little slow,but got better as night went on.We had a good time.Will go back again.Next time try later show.

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Review from LSM
6 events 4 reviews

The 4 guys doing Improv did their best to entertain the crowd, but most of their humor missed the mark and was not funny. If it hadn't been for the dental group in attendance this show might have lost me at the intermission.

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Review from Jan
3 events 3 reviews

7:30 is the "family" show, so the language and themes were pretty tame which was fine. Some games/results were funnier than others, but that's what improv is all about. I would definitely go back. Would like to see some of the other players.

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Review from jim
15 events 3 reviews

Cost more through Goldstar than at the door! If you buy through Goldstar you will be made to buy an additional $6 per person of food. Kids under 18 are only $12 at the door so we spent more through Goldstar than if we bought at the door. The...continued

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Review from Mazda58
6 events 3 reviews

FUNNY! Inexpensive evening with drinks and lots of laughter - well worth it. The performers were excellent. Liked how they kept switching up the scenes. Definitely quick witted. They kept the show moving and also reminded the audience when...continued

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Jo Styler
Review from Jo Styler
7 events 3 reviews

Had a blast! The cast was on fire, and the audience participated well too! It was fresh improv! Can't beat it!

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Review from Heather
3 events 3 reviews

I took my 2 boys, ages 14 and 10, and we all had a great time. Went to the 7:30 Family Friendly show and truly was funny for the whole family. We will go again.

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Jessica Ann
Review from Jessica Ann
16 events 3 reviews

I went with some friends for my best friend's birthday. It is a small venue so not a bad seat in the place. It was a very interactive show and me and the birthday girl got to help out with a skit because the cast involves people from the audience....continued

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vanysa tran
Review from vanysa tran
8 events 3 reviews

if you are looking for a great night out within a low budget -this is the place!

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