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Lucia Mouat
Review from Lucia Mouat
Red Velvet 28 events 4 reviews

This is fun - one eats as one watches. No forks or knives. My only regret - this was the second time taking kids to it this summer - I had to forefeit two paid-for Goldstar tickets at the last minute. One niece turned out to be allergic to horses...continued

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Henry 'Spankey' Sutton
Review from Henry 'Spankey' Sutton
Red Velvet 54 events 4 reviews

Very unique and enjoyable event. Dinner was excellent and the show & venue were marvelous.

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Review from Niecy
Red Velvet 22 events 3 reviews

Nice event. Great food.

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Stefanie Doc
Review from Stefanie Doc
Red Velvet 1 event 1 review

My parents, husband, two sons and I went and had a great time! My sons are 6 and 4 and they couldn't have been more pleased and entertained!! They had never been before and had never been to such an awesome live performance. They have been...continued

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Nick Meredith
Review from Nick Meredith
29 events 23 reviews

Please read review with an English accent, it helps. If one cannot do so please call me to provide a very bad one (see even as I'm typing I'm trying to think on how to sound more like that stupid gecko). Anyways on to the review...

In a land...continued

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Jack Martin
Review from Jack Martin
22 events 18 reviews

My 12 year old daughter loved it! Very fun!

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gabe Kalchbrenner
Review from gabe Kalchbrenner
33 events 16 reviews

loved the event

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Taryn Maclin
Review from Taryn Maclin
27 events 15 reviews

My group of 7 thoroughly enjoyed our evening. So much so that we are planning on going again, next time, our group will be much larger. This was an outing for my church choir, and as expected people are usually apprehensive about attending...continued

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J. L. I.
Review from J. L. I.
17 events 15 reviews

This event was fun for a one time outing. Thanks!

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Sue Knudsen
Review from Sue Knudsen
17 events 13 reviews

Lots of fun. Staff is friendly and helpful. Food was good, not gourmet but satisfying. Show is fun. We all enjoyed it.

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Review from CS
60 events 13 reviews

Passable show and food for adults, kids of course really enjoyed both far more than the adults. Good for less sophisticated out of town guests and their families.

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Review from Iriss
31 events 12 reviews

Medieval Times was WONDERFUL! We were transported back to the days of yore, and witnessed heraldry, jousting, and sword fights, while eating a delicious utensil-less lunch served up by wenches (the last wench visit netted us each a warm, lemony...continued

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Ms Mickiel
Review from Ms Mickiel
26 events 11 reviews

Dancing horses, jousting, good food. Great for kids.

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Review from Karen
18 events 11 reviews

Fun for the family! Beautiful horses & costumes. Entertaining & well-done. Meal was plentiful & good.

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Review from james
72 events 11 reviews

This show exceeded expectations-the castle looks new and is clean...food was rather tasty and hot...the actors stayed in their rolls and appeared to be real actors....the horsemanship is excellent...very entertaining clean fun for the family...a...continued

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Jackie Lewin
Review from Jackie Lewin
34 events 11 reviews

Went with our 2 grandsons, 9 & 7, they loved it. Too much pressure to buy upgrades, etc. We didn't buy any extra packages but were pressured to buy an upgrade for $10 each, first they offered an additional pkg for $25 (I think that was the amt.)...continued

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Craig Roberts
Review from Craig Roberts
18 events 10 reviews

Good show and well done. Problems are that had to wait in 2 different long lines to get in. It took 40 minutes to just get out of the parking lot after the event. The food was good but it's hard to eat a half chicken with only our fingers as...continued

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Jennifer W.
Review from Jennifer W.
21 events 10 reviews

It was entertaining and the food was good. The acting was way overdone and cheesy, though, and the tickets very expensive.

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Bonnie Simmons
Review from Bonnie Simmons
29 events 10 reviews

Terrific. See it through a child's eyes.

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Lorenda Gamble
Review from Lorenda Gamble
21 events 10 reviews

The show itself was very good, and surprisingly, the food was good. Could do without all the waiting and nonsense out in the hall before the show seating. Prices are outrageous, and I would not go without a discount or coupon. The knights throwing...continued

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