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Review from olywa
59 events 41 reviews

This diner-play left much to be desired. The food seemed to be made of pre-made servings, barely heated and served. The play was worse than the food. It was about three women, one of whom may have killed somebody. (We never met the victim.)...continued

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Jay Dunn
Review from Jay Dunn
26 events 12 reviews

Cute show. Actors were into character even when doubling as servers. The food was tasty but cold. Must have been plated too soon before serving even though there were only 18 attending. We couldn't figure out how to guess the murderer, there was...continued

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Donna Nardi
Review from Donna Nardi
16 events 11 reviews

Very funny and lots of fun. Go laugh and eat. Highly recommend and look forward to attending future productions.

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Review from GinnyO
11 events 7 reviews

This was a very funny show. The food was promptly served, and the atmosphere was great!

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Elizabeth Fredock-Luce
Review from Elizabeth Fredock-Luce
8 events 6 reviews

If you like Monty Python, or Mel Brooks films or any other type of parody then you will love the Murder and a Meal productions. As always they were so kind and fun to be around. We always enjoy our times at their events. We took one of our older...continued

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Gail Brittingham
Review from Gail Brittingham
30 events 4 reviews

great evening, great entertainment, fabulous acting and the dinner was delicious. beware the alcohol is way overpriced

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Review from Bettina
14 events 4 reviews

It was fun and we enjoyed the meal!

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Review from joellenv3
7 events 4 reviews

We were not impressed with the acting or the dinner

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James Speichinger
Review from James Speichinger
15 events 3 reviews

Great acting and a really fun evening. The cast even entertained while serving the meal which was hot and very good.

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Valerie Robbins
Review from Valerie Robbins
12 events 3 reviews

Great interactive show. Wonderful drinks and chicken dish was fine. Same cast as other murder mystery shows at orange tree but different dialogue keeps it interesting.

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Adriana Arminio
Review from Adriana Arminio
22 events 2 reviews

Fun and friendly..

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Garnet Morrison
Review from Garnet Morrison
2 events 2 reviews

The one who played Chastity spoke so softly. From where we were sitting it was quite difficult to hear what she was saying. Adored Janet and Dr Bill! With only one bartender it was difficult deciding to have a second drink (long lines). ...continued

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Review from Tunie
18 events 1 review

All enjoyable, but the play was somewhat short.

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Leanne Powell
Review from Leanne Powell
2 events 1 review

I wish that there was more interactive things that were done with all of the audience.
The food was really cold I wish they would have either shortened the first half of the show so the food was served hot or served the food first. The play was...continued

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Review from nicollee
3 events 1 review

It was a great way to celebrate a birthday dinner. The show was a little campy, but that's sort of what we expected. My Vegetarian dinner, with pesto pasta, was delicious. The other diners, dinner seemed a little small to fill a big appetite,...continued

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Sarann Calvin
Review from Sarann Calvin
5 events 1 review

It was very hard to understand many of the lines, delivered too quickly. The psychic was easy to understand and funny. As the inspector, the
accent diminished his intelligibility. The plot was very murky. A bio of the play actors would've helped...continued

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Review from jfarner
9 events 1 review

Show was entertaining, cast really puts a lot of effort into the performance. Food was mediocre, so eat ahead of time.

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Review from adamite
5 events 1 review

Slap stick comedy. no stage just actors saying dialog and clues. kind of silly and funny. Dinner was good chicken and veggies. Sound effects could have been more realistic. Very basic.

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Natalka Palmer
Review from Natalka Palmer
2 events 1 review

The actors are talented. The story line is hard to follow. It felt like the meal was made at someones home and poorly plated. The actors are also the servers so there is a lag between salad and your dinner. This event is hoaky and not...continued

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Barbara Caminiti
Review from Barbara Caminiti
9 events 1 review

The food was very good. The show was good, not great. Our seats weren't the best, and I don't know how they decide who sits where.

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