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Review from Rap
21 events 9 reviews

Food was good, comedy mystery was entertaining, though corny.

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catherine raborn
Review from catherine raborn
14 events 7 reviews

We were lucky in that we had the best group of table mates (unknown to us before) there was definitely no lack of comments and laughs at our table during the performance!!!! great fun

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Elizabeth Fredock-Luce
Review from Elizabeth Fredock-Luce
8 events 6 reviews

If you love Monty Python or Mel Brooks films then you will love all of the Murder and a Meal shows! We always have such fun at their events. They always have funny shows that leave you laughing so much your face will hurt. They are always...continued

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ellen felton
Review from ellen felton
9 events 6 reviews

There were six people in our party. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the dinner and "murder". The cast was lots of fun and made the evening special with their friendliness and "team work". They were very inclusive of the audience and...continued

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Elizabeth Fredock-Luce
Review from Elizabeth Fredock-Luce
8 events 6 reviews

We always have such a great time. The actors are great they really seem to love what they are doing and that makes the whole experience that much better. The best thing I have noticed is how polite and understanding they are. they go out of their...continued

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Review from FITZZY
11 events 4 reviews

not happy with host seating. there was only 4 tables 10 feet from the door .. I thing I could find my seat .. There were only 30 people ...

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Gary Edward Burt
Review from Gary Edward Burt
7 events 3 reviews

Small meeting room with little signage direction, expensive cocktails, bad acting and poor food. We won tickets to another performance but probably won't go.

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Dorothy Pierce
Review from Dorothy Pierce
3 events 2 reviews

All was fun but could be a lot more enjoyable if the background music was not so loud that you could not hear any one around the table. Very difficult to communicate.
Food was surprisingly good especially the vegetarian entre and the dessert. ...continued

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Betty Boop
Review from Betty Boop
6 events 1 review

Cast worked hard, but the material lacked something. The meal was okay, but not exciting.

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Brad Duell
Review from Brad Duell
1 event 1 review

Eh. The food was actually ok. By the time it was over, I honestly didn't care who did what, I busted wanted to get out of there...

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L Suggs
Review from L Suggs
1 event 1 review

My husband and I celebrated our 21st anniversary @ How to Murder a Millionaire. We both volunteered as temporary participants and had a lot of fun doing so. :-) The actors are amateurs, but we thought they did a great job! In fact, two of the...continued

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Douglas Reichert
Review from Douglas Reichert
1 event 1 review

Our group of four thoroughly enjoyed the Production. Actors were Great and Funny too. Hey even the dinner was good.
We had a great time, thanks.

One more thing, I didn't get the chance to apologize to "Steve" after tossing my rotten tomato...continued

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Review from Snoopy
5 events 1 review

The acting was horrendous! We left before it was over. It was painful to watch!

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Review from Martiant
1 event 1 review

The show was very well put together, the cast was great and the food was edible. The cash bar was a bit pricey for the venue and the crowd was just the right speed. Overall an enjoyable evening.

Go see it with friends if you get a chance.

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Review from eizhiem
10 events 1 review

The show was great, however the menu was pre-set and they didn't have any dairy free options. I didn't see anything in the comments on Goldstar indicating that I had to call ahead to request a special meal. So I assumed they would have a few...continued

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Shequan Palmer
Review from Shequan Palmer
2 events 1 review

Very cool show! Would definitely attend again

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Valarie Knat
Review from Valarie Knat
4 events 1 review

Very cute! I was laughing pretty much the entire show. The timing of the dinner courses within the show was perfect. I would highly recommend, and plan to see other shows as well.

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Phillip Bidwell
Review from Phillip Bidwell
1 event 1 review

We enjoyed your show for our 18th wedding anniversary weekend. We have been to a few of these types of dinner theatre type productions. This was by far the best one we have seen. The show was funny and entertaining. The food was good. We...continued

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