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Mary Ryan
Review from Mary Ryan
Red Velvet 112 events 40 reviews

Absolutely wonderful production! Cast was amazing! We highly recommend it!

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Mary Ryan
Review from Mary Ryan
Red Velvet 112 events 40 reviews

What a marvelous evening! The acting was superb, as always! We loved It's a Wonderful Life!

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Review from dddc29
Red Velvet 44 events 27 reviews

Fantastic! This was an outstanding production. Loved every minute of it!

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David Zehm
Review from David Zehm
Red Velvet 46 events 3 reviews

Excellent production - very well done!

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Janet Ennis
Review from Janet Ennis
67 events 61 reviews

Wonderful show. Some intense moments, as expected, with a totally happy ending. Adult and child performances were spot on.
Amazing how this theater and these actors consistently turn out productions in this cozy venue which are worthy of venues...continued

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Pam McPhail
Review from Pam McPhail
49 events 28 reviews

Excellent acting. Decent venue. Complicated and distracting set changes.

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Beth Cordell
Review from Beth Cordell
58 events 25 reviews

The cast did a wonderful job telling such a sweet story. It’s a great show. Go!

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Barbara Martin Rastello
Review from Barbara Martin Rastello
56 events 20 reviews

What a well done and amazing performance!

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Review from Bergie
34 events 19 reviews

Blown away by the experience!!Never expected how superb the acting of ALL the actors would be!!
So interesting to see how imaginatively they used the simple props to change the various scene settings.
Kudos! Well done!! Thxs!

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Kathleen Piersons
Review from Kathleen Piersons
87 events 19 reviews

My "It's a Wonderful Life" experience was wonderful! Good actors, good story, good venue, and Don Bluth is such a charming host! Even though I have seen the movie many times, the play felt original and the characters came to life! I laughed and...continued

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Shannon McGinnis
Review from Shannon McGinnis
40 events 19 reviews

Terrific! Loved it. Great cast...all very talented. Love Don Bluth productions. Wonderful holiday show.

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Review from Kathy
49 events 19 reviews

What a wonderful performance. The actors were very strong and they stayed true to the wonderful movie. The scenery and staging was done so well. The background music really added to the performance. What a wonderful theater. I am so happy to...continued

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Review from joyful1
35 events 18 reviews

I have attended numerous plays here and have never been disappointed with any performance. The acting is always superb. You will be amazed at the quality of any play you choose to attend
The price of a ticket makes it affordable for all to partake...continued

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Debbie & Karl Weber
Review from Debbie & Karl Weber
27 events 15 reviews

Theres not 1 bad seat in this playhouse! I have seen about 12 plays at Don Bluth's Front Row Theater and have loved every one! The performers are amazing and you are really missing on on a fun experience, if you have not been here! check it out....continued

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Maria Walwork
Review from Maria Walwork
30 events 14 reviews

Great acting, creative staging, very entertaining! One of the best we've seen at the Don Bluth Theater!

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Rosalee Cole
Review from Rosalee Cole
39 events 13 reviews

It was a "wonderful"experience, all the actors were outstanding especially George and Clarence.

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Eli Goldstein
Review from Eli Goldstein
40 events 11 reviews

Loved it!!! I see it every year

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Review from Evanna
116 events 11 reviews

This is my 3rd year in a row seeing this wonderful show! The actors are all so great. A special shout out to Mr. Potter and Clarence who have been played by the same marvelous actor each year I attended the show. And, such a small, charming...continued

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Amy Ibarra
Review from Amy Ibarra
16 events 11 reviews

Wonderful show!

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Jacque Shepard
Review from Jacque Shepard
18 events 10 reviews

Everything from the actors to stage sets, interactivity with audience was PERFECT!! If you have not seen this or experienced the Don Bluth Front Theatre, you are missing out on great theater! It is 1st class all the way!

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