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9 Star Starred
Erickson Theatre Off Broadway
Seattle Central Community College 1524 Harvard Ave. Seattle, WA 98122
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The 14/48 Kamikaze format begins with a group of 45 14/48 veterans who have participated in past festivals as at least two of the five disciplines of acting, directing, writing, designing or playing in the band. On Thursday, the theme for Friday night’s show is randomly drawn, as usual, but then the artists commit themselves to pick out of a hat a card with one of these five words on it: Act; Direct; Write; Design or Band. Whichever card an artist draws, that artist will fulfill that duty to create 14 plays in 48 hours that weekend. When the last card is drawn, there will be seven directors, seven writers, five designers, five band members and 21 actors. After the Friday 8:00pm show, a new theme provided by the audience is randomly selected and becomes the theme for Saturday’s show. From this format comes 14 plays in 48 hours.

“Over the years, we’ve had a number of talented artists say ‘thanks for inviting me to (blank) but I’ve always wanted to (blank2),’ says 14/48 co-founder Jodi-Paul Wooster. “To those brave folks I say: ‘Careful what you wish for.’”

<em>The 39 Steps</em> <em>Haters Roast: The Shady Tour</em> <em>Writing Kevin Taylor</em> <em>Cirque du Soleil: LUZIA</em> The Triple Door Dance Theatre of Harlem