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Diane Lee
Review from Diane Lee
Red Velvet 73 events 34 reviews

Interesting and informative, but without the energy and comedy of the original underground tour. Also, the small area you see, compared to the other tour, is underwhelming.

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Review from Rosemary
Red Velvet 78 events 21 reviews

Apparently there are two competing underground tour companies within a block of each other, and this is the new one. Our group was maybe 12; we passed the other tour company's group on the street, and it looked like maybe 30; our guide told us...continued

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Review from caellen
142 events 28 reviews

Much more personalized than the overcrowded Underground Tour.

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Theresa Johnson Schoenfeld
Review from Theresa Johnson Schoenfeld
58 events 27 reviews

Jerry was a fabulous guide. There wasn't a question he couldn't address. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares terrifically. I have had this experience on my bucket list for years and so glad I finally did it.

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Review from Kathe
46 events 17 reviews

The guide was very knowledgeable and personable but the tour was really short...over in 45 minutes. Good deal for tourists already downtown but marginally worth going downtown with a teenager as a winter break activity.

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Mary Wong
Review from Mary Wong
15 events 14 reviews

I've lived in Seattle 24 years but never been to a underground tour so I decided to join one on Thanksgiving Day, no traffic and very few people in downtown, Richard did a great job conducting the tour, very entertaining, and I learned some...continued

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Tricia B.
Review from Tricia B.
38 events 13 reviews

Great tour guide - very entertaining and very informative. Learned a lot about the early days of the city of Seattle. This is must for locals and tourists!

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Review from Michelle
11 events 8 reviews

The tour guide was great, Jerry I think? Very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Definitely enjoyed the small group size. I've never taken the other underground tour, but the only thing I heard about that I wanted to see and didn't was the toilets...continued

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Your Profile Name
Review from Your Profile Name
16 events 7 reviews

Tour exceeded expectations. Guide went above and beyond. Strongly recommend!

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Jeanie Rogers
Review from Jeanie Rogers
25 events 6 reviews

Jerry was a fantastic guide. We had the first tour of the day and had him all to ourselves. Jerry tailored our tour to our interests. Too short for the tour, I could've gone all day with the history and architecture.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 5 reviews

An informative look into Seattle's original first floor, sidewalks and all. You'll see the underground of the past, present, and future. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, and able to answer every question posed of him. I'd recommend...continued

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Inga Godin
Review from Inga Godin
20 events 5 reviews

Lot of interesting historical facts and information about Seattle.

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Review from tawnia
26 events 5 reviews

very small group. it was awesome and very informative. our guide was funny and knowledgeable. glad I did it. one of my highlights of my seattle trip!!

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Cecilia Bordenet
Review from Cecilia Bordenet
24 events 4 reviews

A wonderful, fun way to hear the story of Seattle's very colorful history. A must for every visitor or local person who hasn't heard the story and walked the streets of Seattle before the great fire. Carla kept us engaged and showed us the...continued

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Review from Anand
12 events 4 reviews

experienced guide, friendly and accomodating. Very interesting stories about early days in Seattle

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Review from Kevin
9 events 4 reviews

They keep the number of participants smaller than the other tours, so you have better access to the tour guide if you want to ask questions. I learned lots of new facts about Seattle (even though I live there), and I also got to check out the...continued

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Review from Liz
7 events 3 reviews

Fun tour! Informative and small groups.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
25 events 3 reviews

Our guide, Jim, made the tour fun and enjoyable. He was very experienced and provided loads of interesting trivia and local history. We were led through areas of underground seattle never seen by the public before, so if you've done the other...continued

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Review from Liz
7 events 3 reviews

Small group was perfect for being able to ask questions and hear the leader the whole time. Fun and interesting tour!

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Dave M.
Review from Dave M.
13 events 3 reviews

Very good tour--relatively short, but a strong focus on the history and culture of Pioneer Square vs. an over-emphasis on corny humor that can sometimes accompany city tours. A key part of Seattle history.

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