Beneath the streets 920
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Linda Seamans
Review from Linda Seamans
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We had a terrific time! Guide was very interesting. Great activity for anyone with an interest in history or just wants to do something really different.

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Mickaiayla Caceres
Review from Mickaiayla Caceres
27 events 2 reviews

I had a great time learning more about Seattle on this tour! I had previously been on the other underground tour and felt Beneath the Streets focused more on the history of the city, which I was looking for. This tour is also less crowded which...continued

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Kenneth Daniel Pedersen
Review from Kenneth Daniel Pedersen
2 events 2 reviews

It was a lot of fun, the tour guide was entertaining and informative, the price was right and it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

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Review from Lingchick
8 events 2 reviews

Nice to have a smaller group to tour with compared to the other underground tour. Good information but not as lively. Only went to a couple of spots underground and the entrance was very sketchy through a stinky back alley.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 2 reviews

Terry was our guide and she was knowledgeable, interesting and made the tour really fun! I went with my 13 year old daughter and she enjoyed the tour as much as I did! Lots of great stories and fun facts about Seattle. I would recommend the...continued

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Miranda Otero
Review from Miranda Otero
3 events 2 reviews

The gentleman (Ditrik)? who gave the tour was very knowledgeable and interesting! Really liked the story about the purple glass in sidewalks. I recommend this tour for anyone even if you live in the city.

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Veronica Leynes
Review from Veronica Leynes
10 events 2 reviews

The information that was conveyed to us was really interesting. The tour guide was nice and friendly.

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Megan M Stewart
Review from Megan M Stewart
4 events 2 reviews

This was so awesome! Our guide Jerry was personable and easy to follow! Who knew Seattle had such a history! Perfect amount of learning and fun in this tour. Thank you!

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Ian Moore
Review from Ian Moore
13 events 2 reviews

While the tour guide was very good, the experience was not as good as the original underground tour. The original had more stuff to see and more historical facts shared

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Izumi Stephens
Review from Izumi Stephens
1 event 1 review

Although we live in Seattle. We haven’t known the history of beneath the streets. Highly recommend! Thanks!

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Jen Tester
Review from Jen Tester
4 events 1 review

Amazing fun tour! A good way to see Seattle. Will recommend!

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Kp.Ryan R
Review from Kp.Ryan R
1 event 1 review

AWESOME tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining! I would recommend this tour to any out of town-er or Seattle resident. I feel i know more about the city then most residents do now!

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Moe Wallace
Review from Moe Wallace
8 events 1 review

Chuck was a great tour guide. He was extremely knowledgeable and gave us great historical information about Seattle and how the underground came about. I enjoyed the tour very much and would recommend it.

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gloria jean
Review from gloria jean
1 event 1 review

Entertaining and educational. Staff are superfriendly.

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Review from Lauren
1 event 1 review

Great tour! So many interesting facts about Seattle I would not have known. If you're a tourist or a local this is a great experience!

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Cathy B
Review from Cathy B
3 events 1 review

Guide was very well versed in the history of Seattle. They keep the groups small so it is easier to hear the descriptions and ask questions plus if you are a short person as I am it doesn't feel claustrophobic. Very enjoyable experience!

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Review from mafioso420
6 events 1 review

Had Teri Lynn as a tour guide on Saturday. She was so informative and energetic, you can really tell that she loves what she does for a living. I really enjoyed only having about 25 people in our group, when we were walking on the tour, I...continued

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Bliss Babes
Review from Bliss Babes
4 events 1 review

I brought along my 16 y/o and 4 y/o and we all had a great time. My 4 y/o has a hard time keeping up so I let her take pictures and that helped. I loved how much history I learned in just one hour and how much more I know about the city I love!...continued

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Review from Terrydactyl
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I didn't realize there were 2 Seattle tours underneath. I have heard such great comments from friends for the Seattle Underground tour for years, and I even went to the wrong venue because I was that confused that this was a second, newer venue. I...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I liked it. The tour is only in part visual. The rest is using your imagination with what you see, as the guide brings you through the 10,000 years of history of this location. The guide, Jim, obviously has many years of experience on the subject...continued

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