Beneath the streets 920
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Review from Imbm24
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I went on one of these trips a few years ago. This one was so much better. We were very happy with this trip and highly recommend it to natives and tourists alike.

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Pam B
Review from Pam B
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Interesting and Lucy was very good at telling the history of Seattle sprinkling in some humor and keeping our attention.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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It was a great experience; our guide was excellent.

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Katy Lenahan
Review from Katy Lenahan
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It was a lot of fun and we learned about Seattle's at the same time. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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It was awesome! Learned a lot and Terry was a great guide.

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Review from MorganW
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It was great historic information, but not the tour of tunnels and beneth the streets that we were expecting.

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Review from Julissa
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It was less of a tour and more like a history lecture..we only went to 3 locations in the one hour. The history was interesting but I wish I could have seen more. The tour guide Lucy was very nice and funny though!

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Tammie Belknap
Review from Tammie Belknap
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It was your typical wet drizzly Seattle day. It was interesting to Be below ground but still have it raining through cracks in the old city below . It was dark and damp and Musky. The tour guide was nice and we learned a lot of history. Very...continued

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M maconachy
Review from M maconachy
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Jim, our tour guide, who is also an actor, did a splendid and very entertaining job of explaining the history of Seattle and how the underground happened! He asked us questions to make sure we got the picture. If you are fortunate to get him as a...continued

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Review from Diane
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Loved the underground tour! Very informative for anyone visiting Seattle for the first time or interested in learning about Seattle's history. Terri was a great tour guide with lots of knowledge and kindly answered questions along the way. ...continued

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Kristin Carroccino
Review from Kristin Carroccino
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Our guide was very personable and knowledgeable. He did a great job adapting the tour to accommodate several children that were with us, making it interesting and entertaining for all ages. I appreciated that I didn't have to do a lot of...continued

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Natalie Barkacs
Review from Natalie Barkacs
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Our guide really knew her stuff. Very interesting and informative tour!

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Review from Marcus
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Our tour guy was a knowledgeable nice guy. So if you want some background information about the old days in Seattle this tour will work great.
Personally I expected something different. A tour through used old smelly storage rooms wasn't it....continued

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J-knee Lee-Smith
Review from J-knee Lee-Smith
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Our tour guide was very friendly, entertaining and passionate about the region's history. Because we were a relatively small group (about 20 people), we were able to ask questions, which made the tour very interactive. My husband and I learned a...continued

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David Ramer
Review from David Ramer
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Outgoing and witty tour guide Jerry, was extremely informative!
He kept things interpersonal, and didn't rush the visuals. He really let the audience absorb what was around them.

I highly recommend this tour!
Unbeatable price through gold star....continued

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Clarence Lo
Review from Clarence Lo
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The guide was knowledgeable but the style was more Q&A rather than storytelling of the history of Seattle. Also, the locations visited are not very extensive. The original Underground Tour is better.

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Christine Davidson
Review from Christine Davidson
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The guide Richard was awesome and had a lot of great information and history to share about Seattle.

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Review from Pauly_98102
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This is an awesome tour. The smaller group size made it much easier to ask questions and get individualized attention. And the guide was knowledgeable and totally fun! I learned a LOT of fascinating info even though I've lived here 25 years....continued

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Molly Boone-Jones
Review from Molly Boone-Jones
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This was a super interesting look at Seattle! Like a very entertaining history class on a field trip! Great Job!

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Review from funtimes
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This was an interesting tour and dispelled the myths I had been previously told about why there's an underground in Seattle. Our tour guide was nice, informative, and happily answered any questions we had.

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