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Ava Wynne
Review from Ava Wynne
Red Velvet 79 events 16 reviews

Stunning performances, powerful and beautiful voices and live orchestra. Fantastic!

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Review from Insangel
Red Velvet 28 events 6 reviews

Wonderful performance by dancers, choir and soloists!

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Review from RavenDunn
79 events 22 reviews

The music, costumes, dancers, singers...all top notch! I sat in the nose bleed section and was still thrilled!

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Review from seymourcn
33 events 18 reviews

Enjoyed the program very much. The contrast between the 2 dances was interesting--Agon--simple and classic; Carmina elaborate and dramatic. We had experienced Carmina previously at PNB--never tire of seeing it again.

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Review from Erin
42 events 12 reviews

Carmina Burnana was amazing, as always! I really appreciated being able to go to this performance and wouldn't have otherwise except for the Goldstar discount. Thank you.

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Shi Sun
Review from Shi Sun
18 events 6 reviews

It is a great fusion.

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Marisa Doelling
Review from Marisa Doelling
42 events 6 reviews

This is the 3rd performance I have seen of this ballet production. It's still as breathtaking as the first time I witnessed it. In fact it has become more refined. Makes me weep every time I hear the music.

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Jesse Kineman
Review from Jesse Kineman
9 events 3 reviews

The first program AGON was an amazing demonstration by the principal dancers at PNB. The partnering work as well as the groups of men and women showed the superb technique of each dancer.
CARMINA BURANA was a spectacular feast for the eyes and...continued

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Shelley Nordlund
Review from Shelley Nordlund
3 events 2 reviews

Attended Carmina Burana last Friday night at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. Kudos to the soprano Christina Siemens, as well as the Pacific Lutheran University Choral Union. Wonderful job! PNB never disappoints- really a fabulous evening!

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Francine Barton
Review from Francine Barton
2 events 1 review

Agon was very technical, showing the skill of the performers without any frills.
Carmina Burana was fabulous! Music, set, costuming, dancing, everything combined for a fantastic performance!

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Review from kdale26176
41 events 1 review

I did not like Agon. It was boring but I’m not into modern dance or Stravinsky.

I loved Carmina Burana. It was spectacular and beautiful. The music and dancing were wonderful.

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Christine Fitzgerald
Review from Christine Fitzgerald
1 event 1 review

Our seats were very good, and the ballet/opera was excellent. And it was a real treat to sit with an audience that appreciated the experience - every phone was off, no one talked through the performance, and no crying babies. The only part of the...continued

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Elizabeth Batchelder
Review from Elizabeth Batchelder
7 events 1 review

The show started with Agon which was a Stravinsky piece. While not completely my favorite style, the company did very well with some difficult music. The main event in the second act, Carmina Burana, was awesome! They have a full choir and...continued

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