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Peter Herford
Review from Peter Herford
90 events 48 reviews

CHRISTMASTOWN is an annual event at the Seattle Public Theatre. Every year a new version. This is the best I saw in the last three years. Cast as ever is enthusiastic and play their multiple roles with panache and aplomb. Staging has reached new...continued

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Review from WestSeattleCoug
37 events 26 reviews

We weren't sure what to expect, but we had a great time watching a very funny semi-dark comedy! If this is a regular at the Bathhouse Theater, we'll be back next Christmas. We highly recommend it for anyone seeking a Christmas-themed play with a...continued

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Review from warrentrout
125 events 22 reviews

Corny, comedy spoof. Good for what it is.

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Review from warrentrout
125 events 22 reviews

Cute non-traditional comedy spoof on Christmas. A great Christmas play for those who hate Christmas programs.

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Robin Gold
Review from Robin Gold
42 events 22 reviews
Shelby Shoen
Review from Shelby Shoen
46 events 22 reviews

So entertaining and so fun. They had another show right before this one, and it was disappointing that they couldn’t keep up with the schedule. They let everyone in the theatre 2 minutes before starting time, it was ridiculously hot and it started...continued

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Duanda Ryman
Review from Duanda Ryman
46 events 15 reviews

We truly enjoyed this play... we loved all the quirky and timely verbiage that humorously referenced famous holiday quotes and jingles... it was a perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season... our spirits were lifted as we were able to laugh...continued

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Review from Ballard58
21 events 13 reviews

This is a very clever show and a fun holiday treat. Cast is superb. Highly Recommended.

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Review from Gill
55 events 12 reviews

Loved this show .... wonderfully talented cast and a fun twist on a Christmas show. Bravo!

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Terry Boslaugh
Review from Terry Boslaugh
65 events 10 reviews

classic one liners from Christmas' past...

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Review from dlb
25 events 9 reviews

Clever and quite enjoyable. My family loved it and it was the perfect length. Love this theatre!

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Review from Kristina
12 events 8 reviews

After all of the rave reviews from the 2018 production of Christmastown, I decided to grab a couple of tickets. Well, save your money and wait for next year's production. The 2019 Christmastown was painful to watch - especially the actresses...continued

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Judy Maleng
Review from Judy Maleng
36 events 7 reviews

Acting was amazing! I went for laughs and got laughs and much more!! Keep up the good work!

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Jessica L
Review from Jessica L
32 events 6 reviews

Very creative and well done! A more grownup take and gets you in the Christmas spirit!

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Boris Gofman
Review from Boris Gofman
45 events 5 reviews

The entire production might be funny for the 5 year olds or the drunken adults.

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Judy C
Review from Judy C
11 events 5 reviews

What an incredibly FUN, FUN, FUN play with excellent talent. How everyone could remember all those lines ... and deliver them perfectly ... is beyond me. And the cast did an excellent job of going into character to play different parts. Also...continued

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Review from kwood
14 events 4 reviews

For those of us who have seen Nutcracker and Handel's Messiah too many times, this play is a wonderful alternative at Christmas time. I hope the playwright, Wayne Rawley, can hit the bigger venues eventually. It's a clever, funny and totally...continued

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Elizabeth Ponich
Review from Elizabeth Ponich
72 events 3 reviews

Great actors... lotsa fun. Thanks!

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Michele Holter
Review from Michele Holter
2 events 2 reviews

Fabulously funny play - the main actors play numerous roles, seamlessly and with stunningly quick costume changes that defy time and space as we know it. Get there early, there's a long line at will call, but they have wine for sale so that helps.

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Gloria Bisch
Review from Gloria Bisch
7 events 2 reviews

Great premise for a Xmas Show. Great singer! Started off strong, then lost steam. All it needs is some heavy editing to make it a more tight cohesive faster paced show. (my husband fell asleep in the middle). Should give the Singer more time to...continued

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