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Mindy Terr
Review from Mindy Terr
29 events 13 reviews

Wonderful show!!

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Review from rmgrace
29 events 12 reviews

We had a great time!!! This group is great. I have attended several Second City Improv in Chicago, and these guys are almost as good, without the cursing.

Yes, improv comedy means not all the jokes are successful, but who cares? 80% was very...continued

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Jasmine Yeh
Review from Jasmine Yeh
33 events 11 reviews

It was great! I was impressed with the creativity of the players and the quick thinking of the ref. Definitely would go back again...and again.

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Tani Rae Gloria Standridge
Review from Tani Rae Gloria Standridge
14 events 10 reviews

Lots of fun. So good to laugh with my daughter for over an hour. The MC was very good and had smiling eyes you couldnt help but connect with. There were lots of youngsters in the audience which was fun as they loved offering suggestions.

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Review from Zion
62 events 10 reviews

stupid, boring, sophomoric humor. too bad the beer was so expensive; maybe a few drinks could have made me laugh.

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Review from Kevan
12 events 10 reviews

We laughed a lot. The referee was very good. The actors were ok - not top notch, but they were fine. There was a lot of energy, and the audience we watched it with were loose and engaged. I also liked Mr. Voice quite a bit. It is a very...continued

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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Review from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
34 events 8 reviews

Had a great time! Funny and creative. Clean but totally entertaining comedy - there was a kid about 9 years old in the audience, and at one point a college-age audience member gave a risqué suggestion and was given a paper bag to place over her...continued

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Review from WildCreek
8 events 7 reviews

The theatre is a bit funky, with a small audience area and located near/behind/in a used clothing shop. It was a fun delightful afternoon. Perfect for a mother's day gift.

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Review from cbendroff
13 events 6 reviews

A talented team of comedians, who offer spontaneous family entertainment for all ages. Clean, hysterical humor for parents and their children. The cast encourages audience participation, which adds excitement to this memorable experience.

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Krista Hahn
Review from Krista Hahn
7 events 5 reviews

Been to this show a handful of times. Always a hoot! Kid friendly too so you don't have to worry about it being trashy! (At least the Sunday 2:30 show is!)

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Krista Hahn
Review from Krista Hahn
7 events 5 reviews

It was a fun show - full of lots of laughs! We went to the 8:00 show, which is the family friendly show, and they did a great job at keeping it clean!

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Review from Don
39 events 4 reviews
Katya Stetsyshin
Review from Katya Stetsyshin
10 events 4 reviews

Great place for family entertainment! All 3 of us enjoyed the show.

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Review from Leanna
12 events 4 reviews

It's a small-ish theater in the back of a clothing store. There are rows of chairs set up and a bar serving 3-4 bottled beers, a couple sodas, candy and popcorn. The participants are super energetic and very into it. The referee was amazing - he...continued

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Review from Lesita
9 events 3 reviews

A great time. Will do again

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Brian Moen
Review from Brian Moen
10 events 3 reviews

A perfect evening filled with an abundance of laughs, suitable for both kids and adults!

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Review from Mburghdo
6 events 3 reviews

Awesome fun. . . What a great show for everyone.

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Review from Pinky
13 events 3 reviews

Fabulous time was had by all! Make sure to allow extra time before the show to peruse the thrift shop. I've found some good deals there!

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Jennifer Jean
Review from Jennifer Jean
6 events 3 reviews

Seemed like an odd place for a "theater" and bar, in the middle of what appears to be a consignment store/boutique. The chairs were uncomfortable and the space was very close quarters. Yet the performance was vibrant and the players were very...continued

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LaTasha Gallegos
Review from LaTasha Gallegos
6 events 3 reviews

Super fun for the whole family. We will be back ?

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