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Scott Fikse
Review from Scott Fikse
3 events 1 review

Chill space. Great energy. Talented cast.
Somewhere this event was advertised at 10:30pm. It actually starts at 10:00pm however.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Cool little theatre 'space' in the heart of hip Fremont. Great group with lots of energy and just the right amount of audience participation. Fun night out for all ages!

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Review from E
25 events 1 review

Great fun for the whole family!

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Deborah Terwilliger
Review from Deborah Terwilliger
3 events 1 review

Great location / venue. I was worried about parking but we had no problem. It was a small audience (sunny day outside!) but the comics took our little group as seriously as if there were hundreds of us and really did a great job. I laughed almost...continued

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Hayley Halstead
Review from Hayley Halstead
4 events 1 review

Great show! Very funny and interactive. Would highly recommend.

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Review from Claudia
4 events 1 review

Great time had by all ... next time I'd consider bringing my kids!

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Sandy Jones
Review from Sandy Jones
6 events 1 review

Great time by all. Took the family. Kids still talk about how fun it was. It was one of the best nights out that left smiles on our faces even mom's pocketbook was happy.

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Ian Gephart
Review from Ian Gephart
2 events 1 review

Had a blast, exactly what I was hoping it would be. Funny, fast paced, and just enough audience interaction. Will definitely be going again.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

I love improv and had a great time watching Seattle Comedy Group. There was a moment during one the events in the show where I swear I almost peed my pants. (Those moments always encourage me to go back!) The theater is located in the back of a...continued

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Nancy S. Anderson
Review from Nancy S. Anderson
7 events 1 review

I was surprised it wasn't about sports.

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Pam Persoon
Review from Pam Persoon
5 events 1 review

I'm SO thankful to have stumbled across this show! Without a doubt it had the most "laughs-per-dollar" I've found yet! And the timeless humor allows me to be comfortable bringing any guest that comes to town!

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Pranav Kukreja
Review from Pranav Kukreja
2 events 1 review

Incredible, intimate event setting, loved the games and setup, the teams facing off were incredibly talented as well.

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Robert F
Review from Robert F
3 events 1 review

Interesting venue-- great idea to keep the evening party going! We loved the show and will plan on coming back again. It's very intimate and engages the audience. The only part we did not like was the $50 parking ticket afterwards... wish you...continued

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Katie Hall Jones
Review from Katie Hall Jones
4 events 1 review

It was AWESOME. Family friendly too. Disclaimer made at the beginning of the show and information for other shows that aren't family friendly. We didn't know what to expect and were surprised and a great time was had by all.

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Windy Elliott Wanderer
Review from Windy Elliott Wanderer
3 events 1 review

It was fun. I just wished it was 21 and older. There was a young boy and they had to watch they said as well as when we gave suggestions it couldn't be fowl. It was fun, but because of that I felt like I was at a school production.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was pretty funny. Definitely worth it for the low price.

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dora thach
Review from dora thach
1 event 1 review

It's was great! Be prepared to be called up on stage to be apart of the show (only if you volunteer, but there's no harm in doing so!).

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William Rude
Review from William Rude
4 events 1 review

Laughed hysterically!! Over and over. Would go again, took my friends and everyone loved it!!

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Karen Leitner-Dulin
Review from Karen Leitner-Dulin
7 events 1 review

Lots of energy from the performers but the audience was a bit sleepy. Overall a good time!

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Review from Bk
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Loved it. My family and I had a lot of fun. Better than we expected.

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