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Rated by 30 members
Review from Andrea
115 events 30 reviews

Clever, silly, and hilarious. I was delighted from the beginning until the end.

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Jennifer Walsh
Review from Jennifer Walsh
39 events 13 reviews

Lots of fun! The actors were great with improv and everything flowed smoothly. Can't wait for Die Hard Christmas!

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Eric Murphy
Review from Eric Murphy
63 events 10 reviews

Hilarious show, lots of fun, great cast. Box office needs to be more organized.

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Review from dlb
25 events 9 reviews

So funny and enjoyable. Love this theatre!

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Desiree Lockwood
Review from Desiree Lockwood
44 events 5 reviews

This is a must-see. Grew up watching Indiana Jones with my parents and took them to see this as a surprise. Dad isn't much of a theater fan, but he loved this. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious from start to finish. So many 80s references I may need...continued

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Todd Natsuhara
Review from Todd Natsuhara
24 events 4 reviews

A wonderful parody of the Indiana Jones movie with many of the iconic scenes. Also adding in skits of the sequels, minus the Crystal Skull. Done by the same group that brought you “A Very Die Hard Christmas”.

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Yashar Shayan
Review from Yashar Shayan
5 events 3 reviews

Absolutely FANTASTIC. I laughed non-stop. Last year, I saw their A Very Die Hard Xmas show, and thought this would be about as good as that one. Surprisingly, this was even funnier than Die Hard. Nice work team. Please do more shows!

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Domenick Dellino
Review from Domenick Dellino
7 events 2 reviews

i’ve NEVER laughed so much or so heartily at a live performance ...the writing is great, the timing superb, the acting impeccable all around!

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Review from lrmiller
9 events 2 reviews

So much fun - we were laughing throughout the show. The Goldstar purchasing and ticketing process was seamless. Note that the seats available through Goldstar on are the side of the theater - those directly in front of the stage were all marked...continued

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Lisa Robertson
Review from Lisa Robertson
9 events 1 review

Absolutely hilarious!

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Beverly Briggs
Review from Beverly Briggs
1 event 1 review

Fun. Amusing.

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Amber Kormanik
Review from Amber Kormanik
3 events 1 review

Hilarious ! The cast did an excellent job anyone who liked the Indian Jones movies will love this play. The details in the sets and costuming really helped to make it extra fun.
I am so happy I saw the ad in Goldstar I am now a big fan of the...continued

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Kathy Sykes
Review from Kathy Sykes
1 event 1 review

It's a funny, quirky take on the Indiana Jones movies. The cast was great. Definitely adult only content!

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Ronald Humphrey
Review from Ronald Humphrey
1 event 1 review

Mark, John and the rest of the troup never fail to deliver a fun experience! Looking forward to A Diehard Christmas!

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V Rosman
Review from V Rosman
6 events 1 review

What a fun evening out, with hilarious actors performing the improbable in a small theatre setting. Highly recommend~

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Kasey Curtis
Review from Kasey Curtis
2 events 1 review

What a great night of local theater! The jokes were spot on and all of the acting was great!

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